Electric kettle Redmond RK

Once again TMALL from Aliexpress saves us.

Urgently needed a good kettle at a reasonable price. The choice fell on mark Redmond and a very popular model RK-M1441. In the day when it was ordered was a big discount, so it cost only 872.

And now it costs around 2,000 rubles. Took the model here on this page at Tmall.

The delivery is from Moscow warehouse within 3 working days by courier to the apartment, and in the evening, when it was most convenient. A perfectly ordinary electric kettle, 1.7-liter, made of stainless steel, the plastic is high quality, thick, not flimsy.

Our Redmond looks good, silver color, matte metal, so scratches it will not be visible.

When boiling is lit blue light power button. The chemical smell was not, but just in case, boiled several times and poured the water. Rustles softly, already used to and not notice. The handle is comfortable and stays cool, so burned it’s very difficult.

From the comments: the lid of the kettle is very strange, sometimes the first time fails to do so – there is no click, so it is always better to double-check. The wire from the base is short, so that only nearby outlets to deliver.

Technique is always used carefully to avoid the scum and spoiled metal, that is, we only boil already filtered water. We must pay tribute to the build quality and material of the brand Redmond, because the kettle is also very sturdy (has been dropped a couple of times, all survived).

After we got our first order, I decided to buy another one, only this time as a gift to friends. Strongly recommend to buy! The seller often makes the discount, you can buy for a penny))

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Again, took tea on Aliexpress Tmall here. Another of the inexpensive and high quality can you recommend a powerful vacuum cleaner Midea and iron brown.