Electric brush for the face of the JP Home

The brush cleanser I’ve watched for a long time: succumbed to cosmetic fashion, promoted by fashion magazines on the Internet, bloggers and just women, writing reviews.

Long doubted what to order French Gezatone or Chinese by touchbeauty. But then came November 11 and with it the holiday sale on aliexpress. My doubts were resolved in favor of the unknown brand JP home the novice seller that offered a brush with two heads for 525 rubles – about $9 at the time. Bought here

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  1. The order and delivery
  2. Equipment
  3. Manual
  4. Opinion

The order and delivery

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Seller was very slow – will send the goods only after five days after payment, so the brush was not expecting too much. Many sellers cheat – cannot fulfill all the orders and send the «left» tracking number, while the path of product tracking is not possible, the buyer eventually does not get it.

In my case the seller sent the brush with ePacket delivery promise quick, a maximum of 23 days. I have my brushes in 23 days did not see, opened a dispute in late December. The money was returned. And now – 18 January 2018 call from email, take the package, and there brush!


Came the dense brush in the original box wrapped in bubble. In the configuration of the brush body, stand for brush, two nozzles, green and pink, only the instructions to the device I in a box is not found.

Brush working from the «AA» batteries, which bought itself, you need two pieces. Very pleased no peculiar smell low-grade plastics, which is typical of many Chinese goods such a plan. Brush heavy, very solid, not breakable. On the case button on/off switch. Nozzles are also made of durable plastic, the bristles of synthetic material, very soft. Each nozzle has a removable transparent cap.

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Inserted batteries, put the green brush, pressed the button – it works, buzzes. It’s simple; instruction is, in principle, not needed. Although you have questions.

The nozzle, though of different colors, but the bristles are the same softness and length. Apparently designed for use by family – even painted in the gender of color, at least pink head.

Another issue relates to the principle of operation of the brush. I know what brushing – this procedure involves cleaning facial beauty instrument brush. Head quickly rotates and cleans, polishes the skin – Mama do not cry! The Chinese brush was expecting something like that. But this brush just vibrates! Gives a very gentle massage. By the way, the device switches itself off after a minute of work.

Since there’s no instructions, had to figure out how to use the brush. First, wash your vehicle, then mix the gel into a rich foam, apply it on damp skin and do a slow massage. The skin is cleansed perfectly, removes even persistent Foundation.


Product for me was inconsistent: the usual round brush I received, but the massage with this brush you can make perfect – quality of the skin improves, redness and allergies after her. Tested on very sensitive skin. Brush is now $18.69 (1,080 rubles). The device I recommend for purchase, the seller proved to be reliable. It is a pity that so indecent happened with the refund. On the other hand, let them send faster! Again, bought here on Aliexpress…