Electric Bike Galaxy

Your bike I bought about 2 months ago, of course in China on Aliexpress.

The link give below, while tell you what I felt during my two-month riding this Galaxy.

By the way, galaxy is a real manufacturer, quite famous in China, they send their products around the world, so I couldn’t resist.

There were options with engines of 500 and 350 Watt, I chose the first, more powerful and much more expensive.

By the way, about the price. The cost them jumps depending on the color. Probably due to the difference in demand, though perhaps as a cover price.

I have a black and green, can see in the photo. Approximately 650$.

The contents

  1. Equipment
  2. Battery
  3. Assembly
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video


The unit itself was almost assembled but needed something to tie:

Have additionally the set:

  • Seat;
  • Wings: front and rear;
  • Pedal;
  • Two sets of keys with fobs;
  • Pump;
  • The light canopies;
  • Charger;
  • Hanging bags;
  • A set of tools to collect all you.

If we talk about sets that can be hung on a conventional bike for its alteration, or by purchase from willing big, then I highly suggest the second option.


The battery is a block of rectangular, almost square in shape, you want to put in a curtain bag.

So with the replacement in the future, AKB will be no problems, opened the bag — put the block was closed, everything!

Store it in the winter better at home with an average charge level of the Li Ion.

Charging 2-amp.


Assembling the bike I have no problem not made up, although I did it all for the first time. Don’t even need the manual (well what Russian reads all the instructions))

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You can see a detailed build of a large bottom on the video.


I managed to ride on it and to the snow and the first snow when the season ends.

It weighs 26 kg and can be easily entered, for example, in the apartment.

Front and rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes on 160.

The frame is quite well made, welds are neat, it’s pretty solid and I have not yet broken.

Of the minuses only a few loose spokes rear wheel, they need to pull or in the Studio, well, the fact that all electrical wires are in the clear in the frame.

Speed 24, a cluster scheme is classic.

Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase, more information about electric bicycles Galaxy can see below in a detailed video.

And I bought it on Aliexpress here on this page, there are and other manufacturers.