Elastic bands for fitness

I am a mother on maternity leave. Before the baby was actively engaged in fitness, but now there is no possibility to visit fitness club, so it was necessary to urgently look for an alternative!

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The set and tension
  3. All sport!
  4. Video

Where to buy

My friend, who also was in the hall, advised to buy gum for fitness and even got rid of the account in social networks, which engaged in their sale. I saw the prices and thought, and whether them on Ali Express?! In this online shop cost about 20$. On Aliexpress I bought fitness bands for$ 8 here on this page.

First of all I drew attention to the rating of the product, it was priced at 4.9 points out of a possible 5. As well as custom-made about three thousand people. I looked at the customer reviews and decided to order.

I think the purchase is very beneficial, because the cost was half the price, the quality is absolutely no different that shipping to my city (Ufa) took about three weeks by regular mail Russia, the shipping was free. The seller was communicative, answered all questions, provided the number of the track that were tracked all the way.

My order came in a paper package, packaging does not affect the quality of the product. Packed very carefully, each tape was in a separate plastic bag. When opening the package was the smell of rubber, but that’s okay, eroded in half an hour.

The set and tension

In the kit bag for storage of rubber bands and 4 bands of different tension, different colors and each specified elastic stiffness:

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  • blue — medium;
  • red — light;
  • Green — heavy;
  • black — x-heavy.

Blue and red almost never use, since I prefer loads stronger. Here Green and black fire!

You can also choose the length, the number of bands in the set of selected options depends on the value of the goods.

Order I am very satisfied, I advise mums and all the girls that want to restore the form and maintain it on a daily basis, while not spending a lot of money. Convenient to take with you anywhere, such as outdoors, in a gym, on a field trip. They don’t take up much space and there is a storage bag with drawstring.

All sport!

These elastic bands for fitness is very popular now, also very effective. The Internet has a lot of instructional videos of how to do it. So all the sports!
I recommend this item to order! Again, ordered on Aliexpress here.

Can still advise Xiaomi smart scalesthat can connect via bluetoth to the app on your smartphone, tablet or computer and to keep statistics of weight changes, show schedules and tips, advice.