Educational toys — Montessori cylinders

The world of children’s toys bottomless and boundless. But there’s a special category for “educational toys”. During the game the child masters new skills. On AliExpress there is an entire section devoted to this type of merchandise.

After watching the video a child psychologist on YouTube I have compiled a list of «must have». One of the points was the game “the Montessori Cylinder” recommended for children from one to three years.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The learning process
  3. Results
  4. Video

Where to buy

Search “where to buy” took relatively little time. To buy an expensive option with a lot of cylinders for domestic use — very expensive.

The difference between five and ten cylinders in the block of material no. By themselves, the wooden toys are not cheap, and the Montessori materials and even eyebrows.

Comparing prices in local stores on AliExpress and had to come to terms with the fact that the price of Ali is about two times cheaper than in local stores. Ordered at this link. The parcel was exactly a month, so I had to be patient and wait.

The learning process

“The cylinders Montessori” — the game develops visual analyzer. The child learns to distinguish large from small, long, short.

The game consists of four bars with holes of different diameter and different depth. Included are cylinders with small handles that is also easy to hold. The child’s task to arrange the cylinders in holes of the desired size.

You should begin gradually, inviting the child to make one block. Then the lesson behind the lesson blocks are added until they become four. An additional complication is the chaotic arrangement of the blocks in front of the baby.

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Changing a block of seats, arranging them in different sequences to each other, You teach the child to think and analyze, to go beyond the usual actions.


Despite the fact that the game seems corny it will be simple to captivate Your baby. Five to fifteen minutes the child will puff arranging the cylinders, each to his own house.

The beauty of this game is that even when she’s a little bored of its elements can be applied in other games.

For example if You buy weights , you can use the cylinders as weights. Or as dies for drawing. In fact, imagination can give the game new life.

Once again, took on Aliexpress here. I can also advise the hedgehog line of Montessori, the child is taught and the fruits and vegetables with special technology.