Educational toy Montessori type brand GOOLSKY

Educational toys – an essential content of any home where small children are present. Were looking for in our stores is a toy «Labyrinth» – a wooden base to which are attached metal bars, and they planted various beads and shapes.

Unfortunately, everything was either too expensive or not those dimensions. This toy Montessori type I you found it on Aliexpress here.

But such firms GOOLSKY’t exactly sell in our stores, and if sold would be exactly 200% more expensive. Toy convenient because with their average sizes (height 32 cm, width sides 15 cm) may be placed not only on the table but on the floor. You definitely don’t step!

Despite the fact that on the floor, the child can put the toy between the legs and play, do not slouch. Toy made from wood, except for some elements, varnished, pictures clear and bright.

The toy has four sides and two options to play at the top, each of them, in any case, is useful:

  • «Ladybug» – kruglyashi can be moved along the legs of an insect.
  • Alphabet – albeit in English, but still very comfortable swivel blocks + figures and animals.
  • The familiar scores.
  • The hands on the clock, which can rotate, studying the correct time.
  • At the top of the structure is a drum with bells.
  • My favorite is the top – metal Labyrinth with beads of plastic, fruits and vegetables made of wood.

Buy baby in 1 year, it’s been 8 months – still playing!

Your child will not remain indifferent to developing GOOLSKY!)

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Shipping from China to Moscow only took 10 days – it was taken at the post office, the parcel was stolen, however the box is wrinkled on the way. Bought for 1503 ruble Ali here at this link. Still I can recommend the Montessori cylinder and block soft designer-gears of 81 items.