Eco bags products

In the modern world slowly plastic and disposable packages begin to lose their significance. After all, they’re a nuisance. They are one time use, but highly polluting, fast break, one minute becomes dirty.

Therefore, the best option is an eco bags, but rather reusable ecomerce. They are designed for packing various products, vegetables and fruits.

I ordered on Aliexpress on this page here. Are 666 RUB and 10.33$. They are made from organic cotton. The style is modern, simple, convenient.

Total of 7 pieces. (3 small, 4 medium). Little bags of size 25 by 20 cm, and the average size of 27 to 25 centimeters. Free shipping. Came to St. Petersburg for 14 days, the delivery service of mail of Russia. The most important advantage is otsloivshiesya track, the parcel is tracked from start to arrival to the office.

Features of these bags:

  1. They are made from biodegradable organic cotton, and therefore safe to store vegetables and fruits for a long time.
  2. Themselves eco bags can be opened and closed, as there is a metal buckle, no need to tie or tear the bag to get the package.
  3. Eco bag can prevent the decay of food. After all, plastic bags can release toxic substances to accelerate the decay of food.
  4. They can be reused.
  5. Wash these bags in the washing machine in delicate mode.
  6. In addition, many people today use such packaging not only for products but also for small things as well as possible on the bags to stick the product label, and then easily peel it.
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Eco bags products look much nicer than plastic bags. They are also a convenient daily tool in the hands of a good housewife.

You can take a set of akamasoa and when you go to the store to weigh fruits and vegetables and other products directly to them. Let’s save our planet! It’s much more pleasant to see clean streets flying without packages.

Once again, I bought on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend aluminum a Board for quick defrost and a shelf organizer for kitchen.