Earphone Xiaomi Mi Airdots killer Apple

Admit, since the release of the AirPods from the Apple you wanted these, but had no desire to pay an astronomical sum for wireless headphones. In addition, many functions only work in pairs with the technique of Apple, with the same iPhone, and it’s many Androidtm does not need.

And we all waited together for the emergence of similar competitors from various famous brands. Especially from your beloved Xiaomi.

And now, the long awaited AirDots. I think one xiaomimi-the Chinese made this name as mockery of the candy Apple?

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Features and ease of use
  3. The sound quality
  4. The microphone in question
  5. Battery
  6. Opinion
  7. Video

Where to buy

First on Aliexpress to sell them is clearly not wanted, just have not had the required number to implement. Waited not only we waited for the whole world.

It was possible to take only on advertising prasadam and all kinds of Resellers. Sent out and. known magazines, YouTube channels and other things. Now there are no problems.

I bought on Aliexpress here. At the time of my order was worth around$ 70, but at the time of receiving the parcel, the price has dropped to$ 50 and is unlikely to roll even lower, because it is not fake basement, and Xiaomi.

Features and ease of use

From myself I will say that they are convenient to use in every sense. They sit well in the ears, due to the design being completely immersed in the ear.

The sound quality

The sound is also nice and rich. I don’t really understand all these decibels and frequency response, frequency characteristics. But high and low is very nice. Sounds great and the violin of classical music, and the bass of rap and rock, and the voice of pop artists.

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The microphone in question

The microphone is also rather dubious. On the one hand, while talking the other person can hear fine in Skype and Telegram too, all the rules, but to better record video through the built-in smartphone microphone. The same applies to videoself.


The battery in each of 50 mAh, which should last about 4 hours at medium volume. In case there is an additional 350 mAh and it will last at least 3 full charge for headphones at full charge. Total: 4 + 4*3 = 16 hours of playback.

I have enough for about 3 hours of charge, given that I listen to on economicstimulus volume.


Overall, everyone is very happy. Usually the smartphone is in a pocket or backpack and then there is no problem with playback via Bluetoth.

At home the situation is this: through two walls in the apartment, when the phone is in the bedroom, and I walk into the kitchen, catches too well but occasionally stutters.

If you go in the entrance or on the street, it can and does the abyss connection. But Bluetoth 4.2 and version 5 is designed so that even with a complete loss of signal and communication source to a receiver, the connection waits again cords for 2 minutes. And if they find each other, again playing.

A total of 2 minutes to have a break. You can easily manage to go to a neighbor for salt, but very fast you can try to throw out the garbage. By the way, have you heard about the smart trash bin from Xiaomi? It is also the package itself is sealed.

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Have enough volume «for the eyes» with which nothing is happening on the street can not be heard. About the sound quality mentioned above, and the microphone on chetverochku with a minus.

On each earpiece Xiaomi Mi Airdots is the led, which however do not irritate in the dark. Moving from blue to red gradually during discharge.

When removing from the ear, nothing happens, they continue to play. But when retracting into the housing is switched off automatically. Charge from standard micro USB connector, but they say that newer versions have come with UCB Type-C.

There are two teams:

  • One flick on the ear with your finger — pause or start playback;
  • Two clicks (two taps) — call voice assistant on your smartphone.

But these commands only work in normal condition. When you call the following:

  • One of the best — response to the call;
  • Two — to reject;
  • One long — reject the call and phone mode «Without sound».

In short, worth taking! Again, took on Aliexpress on this page.