Eachlink H6 mini tv box — powerful smart console for the TV

So, today we have a review of console for the TV that allows you to watch YouTube, digital TV, movies, etc on any regular TV with Wi-Fi or network connection.

The contents

  • Where to buy
  • Features
  • The unusual and unconventional
  • Opinion
  • Pros
  • Cons — where the same without them
  • Conclusion
  • Video
  • Where to buy

    I ordered this console on Aliexpress and thought the price$ 65 is quite normal, but then it turned out that the same Eachlink H6 mini GearBest is almost 40% cheaper. Apparently, Ali was just sitting sellers who take orders and then make the order on Giresta, thereby obtaining a net profit of literally «out of the blue». Why I get this? It’s simple…

    When this TV box like my friend, he is also ordered on GearBest and so do You think? Shipping address have coincided! That is, either sent from the same warehouse in China, or just resell, as I wrote above. So I give a link on Aliexpress, but the one where I ordered my friend — here it is.


    For the price 30-40$ for a Android TV box settings are fantastic:

    • 6K — as Ultra HD. I think very few people have even TVs of this quality, but in the future will be useful. And while using a standard FullHD, 2K and 4K;
    • Android 8.1 on Board and let fans X96 nervously Smoking in aside))) ;
    • 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gig internal constant — norm;
    • 2USB ports, one of which is USB 3.0 and a connector for microSD memory card standard;
    • 10-bit picture quality is 8-bit. I can not say exactly, perhaps a better picture. Need to test on 6K;
    • Processor Quad-core Allwinner H6;
    • Support for Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi 2.4 G.
    • Big plus also is the built in front LCD screen, which is in the off state, you can see the time (the role of an ordinary clock), but when playing movies, videos or music shows time from beginning to end and/or number of the track — easy, damn it!
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    The unusual and unconventional

    Powered via microUSB. Think this is a big plus, because if the power supply fails, it can be literally anywhere in the shop to buy the wire and the unit with the USB. Yes, we all have such blocks and wire the house in sufficient quantity. Also, can be powered from a power Bank, but I don’t know in what case it can be useful. If you have ideas please write in the comments below.

    The back has a mount on the wall. Rather questionable need, because if you hang vertically, you will not see the front screen with clock. Well, if only the ceiling.


    Overall, for the price is unlikely to buy any analogue even close in performance. But still…


    • Very good solution for the internal cooling, it does not overheat even on full power (see video below);
    • Android 8 — well, you know;
    • Initially consumes less than 1 Gigabyte of RAM 3;
    • «Eden» is just a fly.
    • Universal power supply;
    • Sufficient number of built-in memory;
    • The Chinese finally realized that we don’t need the SD slot, we need a microSD, because now all the devices work only with this size of cards;
    • Support codecs of H264 and H265;
    • A very compact design.

    Cons — where the same without them

    • Regular remote, I would like something better. It is ideal to use Bluetoth Air mouse, for example, here’s a mouse for Android with a full QWERTY Russian keyboard;
    • If you want to hide Eachlink H6 mini TV, you will need to buy separately IR extender. The connector for this is available. I just don’t know who would hide behind the TV, given the availability of an information screen from the front;
    • The packaging is very mediocre, not comparable to the Xiaomi Mi box, but the unit itself is two to three times cheaper.
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    Eachlink H6 — very decent. Only two USB ports, but given the size, additionally insert were nowhere. The eternal problem of the TV box — heating have been solved completely.

    The front screen is very informative, not like a utility hiding somewhere.

    Games fly. Of course, I don’t test everything, because games are very different sorts, but all I needed was running very well at maximum settings.

    Put Iclink five minus stars. Minus for the remote control. Everything else look in the video below, and here again a link to purchase the consoles.