Eaagd is a stylish digital thermometer bedroom clock with the measurement of air humidity and lighting

As in 1 minute effortlessly know the time and assess the climate in Your apartment? It’s simple: buy on AliExpress electronic room clock with «useful filling» inside: thermometer, hygrometer and alarm clock. Smart device for those who appreciate comfort and their health.

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  • Overview

    Bought from an authorized representative of the company Eaagd on Aliexpress here.

    Ergonomic stylish design of the watch is the first thing that attracts attention. Will fit well in any of the residential zones at the expense of compactness and operating conditions.Watches are made of high quality plastic in a silvery — white hue,the manufacturer has provided several options for mounting on surfaces: on the back side peacefully coexist two magnets and a retractable stand, under which is hidden the connector for the two batteries size AAA ( not included).

    The screen has a backlight for five seconds and responds well to finger touch, though accompanied by a very shrill loud sound, and without an alarm clock all have to Wake up. The display depicted a scale with a division of the climate «- Dry, comfortable, moist»; temperature mode, optionally you can install a convenient degree of measurement Celsius or Fahrenheit;the dial is presented in format 12 or 24 hours; and three touch button control device.

    If you are willing to pay at least a couple of dollars, you can pay attention to the temperature sensor and humidity with Bluetoth from Xiaomi — here is a review on it. It is a nice feature that you can connect remotely with gadgets and watch as not only the moment, but the schedule changes for any time — he records it all inside.

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    Operation device (manual)

    Overall, the interface is intuitive and easy to use,for convenience, included with the clock is the graphic instructions in English.

    Long press the MODE button allows you to enter the settings and set the time using the other two buttons. To set the alarm by short pressing MODE button, in the future, to enable or disable the alarm to be pressed DOWN.

    The UP button shows the maximum and minimum values of temperature and air humidity in the apartment, if you wish, you can save them and compare with the current performance.

    Dry climate: humidity less than 40%, corresponds to red or yellow indicator. A comfortable climate and the best for visiting: humidity from 40% to 74%, at a temperature of from 22,1 to 28 degrees Celsius, corresponds to green light. Humid climate: more than 75% corresponds to the blue indicator.

    Thermometer captures temperature range 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. Hygrometer measures humidity with a minimum of 20% to 95%. With regards to the accuracy of the measurements especially nothing to complain about, the experiment was carried out with the usual thermometer/hygrometer, the resulting values differed insignificantly.On the error of +/- 1 degree according to the seller in the product description on the website.


    A few words about the seller of the goods sent on the second day after purchase, and it guarantees delivery within 20 days, which certainly pleases. Track to track along the way and a half weeks arrived at the destination.Package integrity was not compromised, the product came with no visible defects.

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    With the seller to talk no chance,but well-deserved stars for the speed he got. Product in use for 3 months, was bought at the price 587,70 RUB., with discount of 50%. Was satisfied with the purchase, especially recommended for those who have small children. Again, I bought the official Eaagd on Aliexpress here.