E-book Kobo Aura with the Russian interface

As lovers to read in a spare moment for a long time thought about buying e-books. Many of the manufacturers, model diversity. The task was to choose the optimal variant on a ratio the price-quality-ergonomics. After a detailed search and study of forums, thematic reviews the choice fell on the model of the Kobo Aura.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Features
  3. The convenience and quality
  4. Features
  5. Settings
  6. Reader
  7. Optional accessories
  8. The pros and cons
  9. Conclusion
  10. Video

Where to buy

Ebook Kobo Aura we ordered here on Aliexpress. At the time of ordering the unit cost 5,250 rubles, delivery is free.

To Samara parcel arrived a month after ordering. The seller sent the device without standard box, Packed only into the foam box. Scratches or other traces of any use in the book were not. The end product is seen to be produced in Taiwan.


The main characteristics of the model:

Display settings

  • 6 inch, 1024×758, 212 ppi.
  • There is backlighting.
  • Weight — 174г.
  • Dimensions: 114x150x8 mm.
  • Supported formats of books, documents and images: PDF, ePub, MOB, Fb2; Doc, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG.
  • Internal memory — 4 GB.
  • Memory card: microSD, microSDHC.

Additional features:

Micro USB interface, Wi-Fi.

The convenience and quality

Model Kobo Aura pleased with its ergonomics: material plastic casing — matte, fingerprints do not remain. The screen is made in one plane with the frame, like all modern smartphones.


Features of the model:

Unlike the first copies (the model is not new, on sale since 2014), book Aura supports Russian language. Clear menus, operated via a touch screen.

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Backlit screen is bright, use a maximum of 20% of the possible brightness and we have enough. After semi-reading a simple smartphone my eyes really rested with this book.


Menu the Kobo Aura has all the necessary settings: change the type and size of font, line spacing, margin size, the function of the backlight control using two fingers. A very handy feature to specify the area of the screen to turn pages.


We both husband accustomed to reading in the program Cool Reader. Immediately tried to install the usual software and ebook, but to no avail. Standard program-reader KoReader us, too, completely arranged: everything is logical, clear, move through menus and settings does not cause difficulties.

To download books through the Internet by connecting via WiFi, but we have such a need has not arisen, since the house had a large library of books in fb2 format.

Optional accessories

Together with the device from the seller immediately, and bought the magnetic cover with function of turning off the screen when closed. Of all the options covers a brown.

The price of the cover at the time of the order was around 400 rubles, despite the fact that a similar cover in the retail stores is 1000-2000 rubles. Cover has greatly simplified our control battery use: closes easily, immediately turns off the screen backlight. As a result, over 4 months of use I had to charge only once when the mode of reading 30-60 minutes every day.

The pros and cons

The most important advantages:

  • Dimensions and weight;
  • Bright lights;
  • Excellent screen;
  • Supported formats;
  • Connector for a memory card.
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Failed the first attempt to install Cool Reader.


Beautiful model in its price range. Kobo Aura is suitable for use as device to read without an extended list of requirements, often duplicating smartphones. In four months of service, no one serious criticism in the work.

If you need to get high-quality, ergonomic model at a reasonable price, I recommend this option. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. I can still recommend the Ruizu MP3 player for listening to audiobooks with comfort and without radiation from a smartphone (especially important in bed before sleep).