CONKIM 0906 MINI is a mini DVR of a new generation which has many additional features already included.

For example, shock detection and rolling, which allows you to record even when you are not near your car. Why is it necessary? For example, if you leave the car in the Parking lot in the yard, etc., in the case of external exposure to turn on the recorder and will record in a set time.

The contents

  • Video quality
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Price
  • Conclusion and where to buy
  • Video
  • Video quality

    Coding happens with today’s popular H. 264 codec, ensuring the preservation of good quality with a strong compression of audio files. In addition, the MP4 files with H. 264 can be run on any modern device.

    Here is the source video recording by the Registrar: are advised not to view on Google Drive, but first download to your computer the source, because the preview Google also compresses video.


    • Modern codec 264;
    • Memory card support up to 64GB;
    • The availability of GPS. Data from internal GPS can be automatically applied to the video;
    • Button set for remote start and stop shooting. Quite a rare device for video recorders;
    • Overview adjustable in the range of 105-140 degrees;
    • The screen with the full support of the Russian language and simple intuitive user settings;
    • Both modules (front and rear) move vertically with ratchet, can adjust the height and vertical angle after installation;
    • High quality Full HD with 1920×1080 resolution, 30 frames per second and camera Sony IMX291 as Xiaomi 70 minutes, doing their job!
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    • At the front of the DVR module CONKIM MINI 0906 no horizontal rotation, which is very useful when dealing with the police;
    • There is no viewing screen rear camera — only video recording;
    • Price.


    Indeed, the price is about$ 100 today puts your minimum expectations for the devices. Especially when so many similar devices sold by at a price of 30-50$. But here the cost of a Mini 0906 significantly justified by the good complete set, high resolution video with the Sony cameras and steady GPS signal.

    Also, constantly see complaints about bad translations to Russian or altogether lack thereof. In our case, there are no problems, the translation into Russian menu high quality.

    Conclusion and where to buy

    You can take the MINI DVR CONKIM 0906 worth the money, but if you’re a fan of «talk» and argue with the cops, perhaps we should pay attention to something else. To by the Registrar on Aliexpress you can at this link. It can also learn about discounts on this model today.