Dummy surveillance camera on Aliexpress

In the current turbulent times, the issue of security is close to everyone. Though we no longer live in the 90s, but the echoes of that time are periodically floated in our days. We live in a small town in a small apartment building, but even in such a quiet area like ours is not without trouble.

The contents

  1. The reasons for the purchase
  2. Where to buy
  3. Installation and quality
  4. Efficiency and output

The reasons for the purchase

A couple months ago, our entire house, but rather, all of its owners have appeared groundless anxiety for their cars. The fact that near our house there are no garages or secure Parking, so all cars are on the front of the house.

For the first time with our makeshift Parking was no problem, but over time we began to notice that at night near our cars someone rubs. This was evidenced by the fingerprints near the door, left on covered machines. A clear proof that the car wanted to open.

Further — more. Apparently, making sure that justice will prevail, bullies become more decisive in their actions. Fingerprints replaced a specific scratches, and some machines and all were empty the tanks and slashed tires.

We do not have to wait when the turn comes up to our car, so we decided to put a surveillance camera.

Ideally, we planned to put a real street Cam, but as us apart from the entire house on camera no one else chipped in, we only lasted for a fake (false).

Besides, few would be to just hang the peephole, it was necessary to purchase additional equipment: a server, a router, data store, all kinds of cables, power blocks etc.

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We decided to postpone the purchase of real video surveillance systems, and to start with a crappy camera, in the hope that it will be for real.

Where to buy

Made the order on Aliexpress, here at this seller . Reviews of raised cameras at that time did not exist, but the price of goods was small, and the photos with the product description on the page was enough, so we quickly place your order.

The price at the time of ordering was about 400 rubles with free shipping.

The parcel was approximately four weeks. During this time we managed to join the ranks of the victims at the hands of bad people — the night we merged with a tank of gasoline. So when we receive your order, immediately got down to installing it.

Installation and quality

At first glance, this fake or «false» is really similar to an ordinary surveillance camera. The camera lens is very similar to a real monitor to monitor and the red led inside flashes as it should when working a real camera.

Particularly most likely it looked at night, when the red light periodically went out and ignited. Even the wire that ran from the device to the place of its fastening to the wall, looked plausible.

But the longer we looked, the more clearly than seen false:

  1. First, the body of it was made of thin plastic, sometimes it was scratches and dents. Maybe, just maybe we got a defective model, and may be all cameras of this type made on «troechku».
  2. Secondly, I don’t know how to explain it, but compared to a real video surveillance system, this looks well, just very airy and weightless.
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We, of course, tightened the balcony, but thought that at the first strong gust of wind, she will fly away. Surprisingly, the camera hangs for almost a year and not going to fall.

Even in winter, when the falsity of the chamber lay a huge icy snowdrift, all this fake design has withstood the weight. Included with the camera are three screws on them and we screwed our model.

Thanks to special fixtures, the camera can be tilted at any angle. It worked from two batteries , which was not complete, had to buy separately.

On assurances of the seller of the battery was supposed to last at least a month, but everything will depend on what battery to use. We have put Energizer — led on the camera worked for about four to five months. After the batteries went dead, we no longer changed.

Efficiency and output

I will not say what exactly brought public order in our territory — false device videnablyudenie, or law enforcement, but after we hung it, car robberies stopped.

Therefore, we assume that with its functions, she did one hundred percent. But if you have serious problems, I advise you not to skimp on security and install a real surveillance system, what we then did.

While false of the shot, left hanging as an additional security element. Now two cameras you can immediately determine where the real, and where empty. As an entertaining toy purchase I recommend, but to trust her entirely to her safety I do not advise.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page.

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