Dryer for vegetables Tefal with Tmall

I bought a dryer for vegetables and fruits VITEK VT-5053 in TMall 21.09.18 for 1345 rubles, the next day the product was already shipped. 15 days the package was delivered by Russian Post to our village, which is located in the Republic of Buryatia in one piece.

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  • Where to buy and on delivery
  • Quality and my feelings
  • Tests and work
  • Where to buy and on delivery

    In General, TMall initially always send your goods by courier service DPD, they make me constantly come SMS type order will be delivered on a certain date , prepare the passport, but because we are removed from civilization and to us the courier goes, they pass the parcel for airmail.

    Goes so fast and reliable, but yet always delivered in the normal way. By the way, the delivery I had a free, because along with a dryer I bought other products, all together worth more than 3,000 rubles. Ordered here on Tmall, but you can also order on Aliexpress on this page.

    Quality and my feelings

    Despite numerous reviews by other buyers my dryer during the operation was no smell of plastic (and I am very pleased). The dryer itself is tiny, we can say cubic with five pallets with dimensions of 25 by 25 cm, internal height is only 2 cm.

    Bars on the pallet scales are removable, which is very convenient if to dry something bulky, and too comfortable to care: removed-washed. Fixed these bars however are not very tight, well I guess for the price there is nothing to expect more.

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    Well, thanks to this shamnesty, apparently, you can do yogurt, but for me it’s not true. The drying temperature is set by manual knob 40 to 70 degrees to your choice.

    Tests and work

    I tested it at work on grated carrots: 6 hours at a temperature of 60 degrees, the carrots have already been fully dried, well, pallets naturally have to change places because the bottom is already in 1.5-2 hours was almost ready. Better before laying on dehydratio to check the weight with kitchen scales.

    The only thing that had lattice pallet in the model VT-5053 pave gauze, because otherwise the carrots through the holes in them falling to the bottom of the dryer, and in addition has hit the fan.

    Second time tried drying meat, cut long strips, gauze lay did not, surprisingly juice from the meat. In about 3 hours I decided to try the meat, I liked it even slightly resembled the taste of smoked, although it is clear that it was only a slightly dried. Took the meat out of the dryer after 24 hours, dried at a temperature of 65 degrees. The meat inside still remained slightly nedosushennye, perhaps because still too big and heavy cut, but I liked it.

    In this dehydrator Vitek (namely dehydrators kitchen more correct to call these devices) to dry fruits, vegetables, and tea! Just collect the leaves in the spring and summer with raspberries, mountain ash, currant, Apple, etc. and dry! And then brew in a special teapot Delta.

    Run the dryer is not particularly noisy, the sound from the fan doesn’t bother me. In General, for the price the product with the quality I was quite happy.

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