Dressy womens blouses Dingaozlz

During its regular run on the website Aliexpress stumbled upon a dressy women’s blouse brand Dingaozlz. I read a couple of reviews about the quality of the product and size and decided to order a size M. the Product was offered in two color variations: pink (more peach) and lilac.

Also in two model variations: long sleeve and sleeveless. My chosen model is pink with long sleeves at the time was worth $ 11.91. Taking on Ali here on this page.

The seller well done, one can see that values the opinions of its customers, quickly Packed and sent the item by regular mail. On the whole route could track code.

The contents

  1. About the size
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion

About the size

I received the package quickly – in three weeks. After unpacking and having donned the blouse I realized that it isn’t working for me, very close.

As for the rest of the complaints were not always accurate seams, without curvature and without protruding threads. The material is chiffon. Not particularly upset about the fact that she did not come to me – gave it to my niece. And myself have already ordered more, that is size L (my parameters: height 154 cm, weight 50 kg, chest girth 90 cm).

Thank you seller Dingaozlz learn that first blouse I am going on the second agreed to a small discount in price.

Of course, the sum is small, only 1.41 $, but still nice. The second time the delivery took almost as much time may be plus or minus one day.

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The quality of material, location of seams was the same neat. This time it was me fit. And now a little about the blouse: it Looks very nice, the back has a hidden castle.

The front part, which is embroidered with flowers, like mesh and highly translucent. But there is a stitched lining which fully rescues the situation. Lining front a bit shorter in length than the shirt (about an inch). For me personally it does not matter. From this General view of the blouse did not become worse.


While only been worn a couple of times and once prostirnula gently by hand in warm water. I think in the wash should not stick-like beads at the neckline can fly (though stitched, not just glued), or to lose their pearly Shine. Changes in the quality of the material after wash was not. For money, this blouse certainly is.

Again, bought it on Aliexpress here. Will look great with this plaid skirt and pleated skirt with shorts under it.