Dresses for little girls PudCoco

I want to talk about cool and stylish dresses for the baby, I ordered on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Dimensions
  3. The quality of the material
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

The goods were ordered from the same supplier and it took about two months of regular mail, for some reason, most of this time on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Cost red dress-shirt with a pack left 498,68 RUB(RUB delivery 100,84), you can find the link. And tutu dress in peas 430,08 RUB In my opinion, quite economical. In both cases, the manufacturer brand of children’s clothing PudCoco, here is the link to all showcase dresses from them Ali.


Knowing that the Chinese love sports relied when ordering more at the reviews, pay attention to the pictures. In the end, chose a year-old baby red dress size 2T, and dress in peas — 24M.

I have to say that the sizes are a little lost, and a dress-shirt actually had a little cut in the chest and shoulders. But the quality of the item received absolutely no complaints there.

The quality of the material

The top red dress PudCoco made of stories — very nice and warm material. Not painted, does not cause irritation, which is especially important.

As for me, perfect for the season. Skirt with synthetic lining, three layers of stiff tulle that holds the form.

The belt is made of leatherette and plays more of an aesthetic role than serving its basic function. At the waist sewn rubber. Flat seams, buttons neatly sewn cuffs and collar correctly tailored, never bristle.

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Tutu dress PudCoco in peas has a synthetic upper, but quite pleasant to the touch and dense in quality. The tulle is three layers, it is soft and flying, this creates a sense of spaciousness and lightness. There is a cotton lining.

I also want to mention that the neckline and the sleeves are quite rough and not exactly overlock. This is for me a notable disadvantage. To the sides of the dress sewn on satin ribbon, which allows you to adjust the width of the dress depending on the completeness of the child. Dress does not paint the skin and cause allergies.

I also want to note that after washing, both clothes are not deformed. Remains the same color.


I am pleased with the purchase of clothing PudCoco. These dresses will look great not only on the holiday, but also in everyday life. Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend this suit for girls with hood and flowers and an envelope for the baby in the stroller.