Dress in faux leather from brand Nerazzurri

When I saw this dress, the combination of soft colors with unusual material and style seemed interesting and I ordered it. Discount dress cost $ 31 50 cents. After 25 days, the courier brought home a large cardboard box with my order, and I was able to try it and compare it with the photo on the website. Took on Aliexpress here.

The contents

  1. Size
  2. Material and color
  3. Style
  4. Quality
  5. Overall impression


This model Nerazzurri close to the style of «oversize» and therefore familiar to us sizes range to it not applicable (the model is sold in any size from S to 7XL). Bust size 6XL turned out to be 138 cm and waist 134 cm — almost the same as specified in dimension table of the seller.

Dress length 122 cm: height 170 cm is just above the ankles. The dress is very wide, but it was expected. To size, no complaints.

Material and color

The seller described the material as an artificial skin, but it can be called with a number of reservations. The characteristic texture is expressed very weakly, the surface is smooth, more like oilcloth.

The material is almost never lasts, because he woven, but rumpled, like a normal fabric.

At the same time, the material does not get wet, the water droplets are not absorbed and roll. If the hem off the dress just wipe with a damp cloth. To wash it is impossible.

With breathability is bad: the material does not «breathe». To warm, especially the hot weather it is not appropriate, especially because the dress is heavy.

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Pale blue fabric looks very nice. Thanks to it spacious dress seems delicate and original.


In this model Nerazzurri no buttons, no «lightning», it is put through a round neck. Sleeves without cuffs, straight, rather wide at the wrist. Bust Darts are missing, as for baby stuff, so that the owners of a substantial bust, this model does not.

The waist is a little too high. Wide lower part of the dress gathered at the waist in small pleats, contrasted with the top much changing the perception of figure. If you have a waist, it would be impossible to consider. If your waist is not, it is also impossible to consider, and because style is very suitable for pregnant women.

The lining is made of fine synthetic fabric, resembling artificial silk, and reaches to about his knees. The sleeves are unlined.


Making no complaints. Threads do not stick out, flat seams, sleeves of the same length, the hem is even.

However, the seams of the dress (no lining) do not overlock, but such processing is not necessary: material, like real leather, not rough in sections.

Seen a factory sewing at the Nerazzurri, and it is not surprising, as the dress is bought in the official store, with Inter — company specializing in products made from natural and artificial fur.

How long the PU leather will save a decent view, hard to say, but in six months the appearance of dress has not changed for the worse. However, you need to be careful: the material is thin enough, it can break.

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You should also avoid rough surfaces: artificial leather easily gets scratched.

Overall impression

Complex and ambiguous, is not suitable for everyone, but it looks unusual and elegant even. Despite the ambiguity, it doesn’t look too cheap, in any case, it seems more expensive than it really is.

In the workplace dress is hardly appropriate, most suitable for rest, walking around the city. Can be worn as outerwear instead of a cloak. Recommended for pregnant women, those who like original things and fans pastel blue color.

Again, took on Aliexpress here on this page. This is the official store of the manufacturer of the Nerazzurri. Will look great with these spring women’s shoes-oxfords and women’s gazovikami XEK.