Dress for teenage girls for summer

Ordered daughter’s fancy dress on the website Aliexpress. In the photo we liked the style, and color. When the order came, I realized the photo did not disappoint, the color matches the original, and the quality of the fabric was also normal.

Dress cost about one thousand rubles. Waited a very long time, more than three months. Tracked shipping. It was in Moscow. I live in Altai region, and the product comes through Moscow.

Dress for the adolescent girl, the color of pale turquoise. Sits well. Sorry, can’t do photos on the child, the daughter of dresses grew. The blended fabric is thick, opaque, convex texture. Wore a bit, but on the fabric were «pilling», is deleted as normal. With him look great loafers MCCKLE mesh with the corresponding color.

Along with the dress ordered the striped socks with the separation of the fingers and the cap with rhinestones. The cost was slightly more than two hundred rubles. But these orders did not come at all.

Wrote a claim on the website Aliexpress, we were told that the goods have been sent, ask at the post office. In the mail saying not received. And gone and our goods, and money. Website the money is not returned.

So one order was a pleasure and a disappointment. Bought here on Ali.

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