Dress Artka (Brand Artlet)

My recent purchase on Aliexpress white dress Artka for 61 euros. Things buy this brand for the unusual design and the mix of styles, they differ from the usual European brands, but not look very «Chinese.» This dress in the styles of country, model is very similar to dresses that were in fashion in the 10-ies of the last century.

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Official website

Dress bought at the company store Artka herein Moscow dress came within 15 days from the date of the order and all the delivery time of the tracker is monitored and frequently updated. Used the standard free shipping Aliexpress.

It is nice that all the products from this store come in a beautiful branded bags, neatly folded and not wrinkled, each was beautiful cardboard labels in a retro style, which does not affect the quality of things, but uplifting.

From textiles was not the characteristic smell of paint, as is sometimes the case.


The site has the sizes of S, M and L, growth 169, weight 60, I bought a size M — it sits a bit loose, but not great. My height — just below the knee, the sleeves are slightly closes the elbow.

Sewn of very thick cotton, so slightly translucent, but not critical.

The fabric is in reality less dense than in the pictures, it looks a little simpler, more like a calico.


Walking does not stick to your legs and not ride up on the body very nice. The dress has a drop waist, it can be worn for a short period pregnancy and that would not hide the light of the fullness. Looks very elegant, with the right accessories you can definitely wear to a wedding.

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The mouth o-shaped, fitted tightly, leaning nothing in excess of the neckline is not popping up.

The elastic belt is strong, does not stretch and does not move down, you can capture a wide elastic belt above and below — the appearance of a model interesting changes, is slightly different dress.

Boho Style

It is worth considering that the product needs delicate washing, I washed twice at 40 degrees, with light pressing and no machine drying — it’s all right, the dress form is not lost. Just iron, and if properly dried on a hanger and straightened the hem well before drying, it is possible to do without Ironing.

The main highlight of the model — embroidery, cutwork at the hem and sleeves. The embroidery looks exactly like on the photos very carefully. Overall very happy with the purchase, the price matches the quality of similar models in our stores have not seen. From the seller there is a possibility of buying wholesale.