Double cashback on Aliexpress — fiction or not?

A huge number of people worldwide make a purchase in Aliexpress, thinking about the possibility of returning part of funds paid via Cashback.

Others use this cashback only at «half power» and get a return on the average 5-8%. And only the most intelligent are all double cashback, returning not less than 17%!

17 percent — the minimum that you can get back with orders to Ali.

Attention! This entry added to the article later.

At the moment we have double cashback to impossible. The reasons we published in the news here. Well, sorry, very sorry, but that’s to be expected sooner or later. However, to use the usual cashback , you can still and need to save on purchases, and should continue to use the gift certificatesbecause it is really convenient!

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What is the essence…

The fact that Aliexpress since the beginning of the 2017 year is payment system Alipay has introduced the so-called gift certificates. About them we wrote here. In short, just bought any of the methods, one or more certificates that are within the account and they can pay for purchases in Ali.

If you buy multiple certificates, the balance is added. If the balance does not have enough money to buy, you can simply pay the remaining amount or to buy more certificates. It’s simple and very convenient!

But when buying a certificate, you can get cashback, and then when you pay the right product for them to get a second cash back! Understand the principle?

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If you have not understood, here are a couple of examples:

Igor wants to buy a smartphone for $ 200. He buys two certificates for$ 100 (or 20 at$ 10 — not important), returns a percentage (EPN now it is 10%), and then acquires the desired smartphone paying with a certificate, and receives a 7-8% return. Total, turned out to 17-18 percent (34$-36$) cheaper in the end!

Julia wants to buy a skirt for 46$. She buys a certificate for 50$ and gets a return of 10% (5$) and then still pay them the same skirt for 46$, returning 7-8%. The remaining 4$ will not be lost and they can be used in the future for partial or full payment of orders.


Much easier?

Many are wondering: what’s the catch and where lies cheating or divorce?

In fact, we once doubted the possibility of double cashback, but time and experience have convinced us of the full efficiency of this method. Ran some tests: actually bought certificates and then for him the ordered products — it worked!

Here are the screenshots (clickable to enlarge):


So we can safely use! Whether such a possibility is still unknown. From Ali any news on the subject was not, but if it works, then you need to use it!

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