Doogee x5 max pro smartphone with 5.0 inch screen

Not everyone has the money for the top models of IPhones and Samsung, but there are funds for high-end gadgets from little-known firms, but at the same time, producing quite decent and interesting products, such as Doogee smartphone x5 max pro, so I decided to buy it.

The contents

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  2. Battery
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Ordered on Aliexpress on this page, November 16, was taken to the house in Kostroma oblast, on 28 November(2016), the cost at the time was 4800р. There is a delivery in Russia and directly from China.

The box was not damaged, the phone is well packaged.

Photo: front view

Package contents: user manual, power supply, usb cord and the phone itself. Now more about him…

Appearance I liked(polished arc edges and 2 speakers, one simulation, played a role major role in the design), sits comfortably in the hand and does not slip in the palm.

Camera is not high, front 5 MP, front 2 MP. Pulls all the games without lagging examples: gta, clash royale, asphalt 8. The signal is fine(2g, 3g, but 4g is bad), wi-fi module is not very good, but enough for me. Fingerprint works without any delays (no more than 1 sec), it is possible to save up to 5 fingers. Located in convenient thumb position on the back of the phone.

RAM really 2GB, it is amazing to be honest, its enough for any task. Free internal memory is 12 GB enough for 2-3 heavy programs, photo and video, if not enough you can add via microsd to 128GB.


Photo: rear view
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Stated battery capacity of 4000mAh, actually 3780мАч, enough for 2 days of intensive use, charge in about 3 hours from 0% to 100%(home charging), I think is not a bad result.

The sensor works well on a strict five!

Android OS 6.0. Supported 2 SIM card, everything works.

All the features


After 6 months:

After six months of use stops working the usb cord, the unit is alive and functioning well.

Got a little hang good games such as asphalt 8, most likely you just need to clean your phone from debris and viruses. The battery holds for about 1.5 days and not 2.

A little speaker sat down, deteriorated sound quality. Everything else works well, I think it will last me another year. If you are facing a choice to buy with a small surcharge samsung, fly, LG or other famous brand, you’d better take this smartphone. It’s the best budget!

View smartphone and the price is now at Aliexpress >>