Dog — educational-rattle suspension on the bed

Choosing educational toys for your baby, I saw on Aliexpress this funny puppy. The reviews were positive and I decided to order!

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance and dimensions
  3. Consider the toy in detail
  4. Quality and safety
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy

The dog ordered here Ali . Original price was 12 $, but the seller offered a discount of 45% and price rattles discount came to only 480 rubles. The child exactly the same toy I have seen for 1,400 rubles. Significant savings of the family budget!

Shipping was free by regular mail. Got a toy almost two months. The movement of the product tracked.

Appearance and dimensions

Bagged suspension-rattle in normal zip package. Came without damage. Odor during unpacking was not. From the first glance this puppy has conquered my whole family, even her husband, who is usually skeptical. The child was ecstatic.

The toy is bright, pleasant to the touch, soft, plush. Immediately attracts attention. Muzzle dog radiates positivity and brings a smile of a child. Despite the fantastic colouring, the child immediately recognized in the animal, the dog, showed where her eyes and nose and where the tail. Details of large, understandable for kids.

  • Dimensions pendant: 22 cm by 35 cm ( height with hook for attaching ).
  • Gryzunki about 6 cm in diameter.

Consider the toy in detail

This toy-suspension, which with the help of massive strong plastic hook can be mounted on the wheelchair, bed, car seat, and not be afraid that kid will damage it and stain.

Hook tape sewn to the dog’s head, not removed. This is probably negative, because if the rattle is not hanging, the child is waving a toy and hit a hook.

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The dog alone is not worth it, the legs hang freely. They are plush on the top, bottom, satin, soft with filler. My baby loves to touch and chew on pens. Legs bright, colorful.

In General, the toy is sewed from fabrics of different textures will help develop tactile skills of kids. With this suspension you can train the child’s visual perception, it is colored with different prints. While playing, you can learn colors. You can show the dog circles, squares, triangles, boxes, stars.

The dog is suitable for the smallest babies from birth, because there is even a contrasting black and white print, which, as scientists now say, is best appreciated babies up to three months, providing better focus sight and thus developing the vision.

Plush rattle is of interest to kids of sounds that can produce. In the tummy of the puppy protection klaxon, if you press on the little heart on the side of the dog, it squeaks loudly.

If mash ears, they rustle. To the collar of a dog teething toy sewn two ring shaped and square, they rumble each other, if you stir the dog as a rattle. And if you pull the tail and release, the toy starts to vibrate and make a noise, as if the puppy growls quietly.

The tail is returned to its original position.

Gryzunki relief, made of quality material, without burrs. They looped, sewn to the collar is not removable. Will help to develop fine motor skills of kids and help out when teething.

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Quality and safety

Sewn plush suspension good quality. Neat seams, threads do not stick out anywhere, everything in its place. I liked that there is a tag with the brand name Happy monkey, information about the product and care for him. The brand name is present on the hook for fixing.

By the way, on the tag of the dog, the manufacturer recommends hand-washing. The first time I cleaned manually very carefully, afraid to damage the vibrating mechanism of the tail. Then grew bolder and a dog were washed even in the washing machine manual washing. I feared in vain, all right, after many washes everything works and even the pellets did not appear. When washing the toy does not shed.

In dogs, no small parts that a child could tear off and stick in the mouth, snout and the pattern on the side are embroidered ( also, incidentally, neat and beautiful ).

Only if you do not use the dog as a mount, it is best to remove the hooks for attaching to the baby and not hurt them.


Purchase I’m definitely happy and all I can recommend this lovely little dog. Again, bought a stuffed dog on Aliexpress here on this page. Can also recommend a play Mat with piano for toddlers and toy spiral Giraffe on the crib or the stroller.