Docking station with USB 3.0 for HDD and SATS from Aliexpress

Dock, in the English language is a connecting device which can connect such electronic devices: phones, mobile computers /laptops/, camcorder, camera, pocket personal computers.

Using hard disk size SATA/IDE 2.5″/3.5″ USB 3.0 and universal , is the possibility of synchronizing the received data with connected electronic devices, such as desktop computer or laptop, while also charging the battery.

With the aim of providing synchronization of electronic components, you need to install specialized software or driver that come in the package with this device.

Feature elements:

  • ATA and SATA interfaces;
  • connectors for hard drives 2.5 and 3.5 inches;
  • support operating systems from Windows XP to 10;
  • support MAC OS and Linux.
  • connector — usb 3.0;
  • backup for computer data that are entered with a single touch.

The cost of the station at the time of writing is around 34 dollars, bought here. Color a choice, but as some users write the reviews, not the fact that will come the selected.

In the delivery station USB 3.0 includes:

  1. Docking station USB 3.0;
  2. Cable with connector — usb 3.0;
  3. The software disk;
  4. Power supply 12 Volt, 3 amp, with DC connector and with filter against interference.

On the front of the station installed: backup light switch and led indicator, which indicates the operation of the device, the card reader and a USB 3 plug to connect other media:

On the back panel there are:

  • switch supplied power;
  • the power supply terminal;
  • terminal — usb.

The Docking station’s USB 3.0 there are two offices, which are connected through the hard drives.

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One compartment to the terminal of sata designed for connection of standard devices — 3.5 and 2.5 inches. The Department with the IDE connector designed to connect the old hard drive.

The contents

  1. Speed and work
  2. Buy
  3. Video

Speed and work

After 6 months of use, I can mention the complete absence of problems with this device, there is only one caveat: every time you have to turn on and off the power manually. It does not track the computer via USB and does not automatically switch.

I got a read speed of 35Mb per second and a write speed of about 26-27 Mbit / sec, it is a normal result.


In regular stores are sold, as a rule, branded products and much more. Although, according to my personal experience, there are no advantages except for local warranty is not added.

You can try to find on the radio, but certainly always cheaper on Aliexpress .

To see the dock and the price on Aliexpress >>