Digital photo frame Liedao 10 inches

When was the last time You printed a paper photo? Personally, I very long time ago. And we often photographed. Sometimes even too often.

If the earlier shots had to save, now on the contrary we click in a row at 10 – 20 frames, then when you view the slide show was like the cartoon.

All print no money is not enough, and to view in paper form is clearly uncomfortable.

Every time to run to enable the computer to view the accumulated photos — is also a dubious pleasure. Viewing on phone – size is too small. How to get out of the situation? The answer is obvious – buy a photo frame!

The contents

  1. Where to buy, price
  2. Shipping
  3. Characteristics and quality
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy, price

If you need a digital photo frame, do not want to overpay and have in stock a 2-3 weeks (shorter if not “burning”), then the choice is obvious – go to Aliexpress!

Make a selection for “photo frame”, select the appropriate parameters (I wanted something not very big, 10-12 inches) and screen them pay shipping, which can be filtered by price ascending and begin to read the reviews.

Of the dozen remaining after the above mentioned steps are to select those with LED backlight, and stop for electronic digital photo frame 10 inch Liedao, here’s a direct link to it on Ali. The cost at the time of the order of 39.99 $. Choose the European plug: America, Australia, Britain, Europe, white color (options white and black), order, wait….

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The seller offers 4 ways of delivery, but free only one — the China Post Registered Air Mail. In the absence of a choice agree. Surprisingly, in the Ukraine, came for 14 days (instead of 30-and normal), the goods have been shipped via Ukrposhta, brought to the post office.

Characteristics and quality

Just wanted to mention chic packaging photo frames Liedao. The package came in a standard bubble film which was another shock package, compact and sturdy.

Inside the bundle as factory standard cardboard box, inside which was carefully placed photo frame, remote d. u., power supply with European plug and manual in English.

The image on the digital photo frame Liedao excellent, 1024*600 resolution, viewing angles are very wide, seen almost from the side, the brightness is adjustable in 12 steps. Menu primitive, but sufficient.

Many languages in the menu, Russian is present. Didn’t find the option to view photos in random mode, although in the description it is (auto-play Mode: Mix-play/Photo/Music/Movie/Music + Photo/Custom/Off).

Likely to have some difficulties in the translation menu in Russian language and in Russian it sounds like something is wrong. Will understand with time. The plastic is sturdy, pleasant to the touch, with no visible flaws. Fit perfectly, no squeaks, no backlash.

Rear frames Liedao, there are control buttons and a convenient leg. Side front panel, including USB, micro USB, 3.5 mm headphone Jack, power Jack, and slots for SD/MMC/MS ( up to 32 GB).

Own memory gadget has a USB flash drive 16 GB took no questions. Photos taken with the phone moves briskly, without slow downs. MP4 video is reproduced without issues.

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Overall, nice electronic gadget digital photo frame Liedao at a very reasonable price. The declared characteristics correspond, with their functional tasks successfully. I would like to mention once again the very high quality packaging. Definitely recommend to purchase.

Let me remind you, I bought a picture frame on Aliexpress here on this page. Also, I can recommend for apartment design large modular picture on the wall and painting by numbers on canvas for independent writing, even if you are not an artist and haven’t written one masterpiece in my life!