Different toys brand Huile Toys — review

Even before his son was born, I was concerned with the purchase of toys. I wanted to buy future baby something interesting, high-quality and original. The choice fell on the not very euphonious to the Russian ear brand Huile Toys. Was selected a few toys, talk about favorite. Here is a link to the store on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Octopus
  2. Candy
  3. The mirror
  4. The flute
  5. Butterfly


First place in the ranking took the octopus. It cost $ 4.07. Expensive but son loves this toy. It represents a funny octopus with a sweet little face, the head positioned Squeaker, scrolling in the head makes crackling, crackling at the movement and legs. Son maybe 10 minutes to go to pull the legs.


Second place among the favorite rattles – candy. It consists of individual rings with different textures. If you turn the tips, and published a very loud crackling sound that happy baby, but really, sometimes boring mom. Candy cost $ 3.78.

The mirror

Third place among the favorite rattles took the unusual mirror. Rattle is a something like a bowl with two lug handles, one side of the ball is transparent, the inside is a concave mirror, in which the child sees himself. Inside there is still a small ball. On the handles (which, incidentally, is very convenient to chew on) there is also rings, teethers. When the baby was cutting teeth, was chewing on these pens more than all the other toys. Cost rattle 3.04 USD.

The flute

Fourth place – pipe. Her son evaluated when he was older, somewhere in the year when it began to blow. The whistle can blow, you get quite a funny sound, press the button – you will hear a squeak, in addition to the end there is a rattle with a mirror and beads. Cost toy – $ 3.45.

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Fifth place tie. Also helped during teething. Convenient wings were just angrisani. The head and the lower part of the butterflies with a loud Bang spinning. At the bottom you have the balls. Cost toy $ 3.74.

Toys brand Huile Toys (can’t get used to that name) are always high quality, interesting, but, I must say, not cheap. We took without gift packaging (typically a blister for toys and a box for toys a little more). However, despite the price, buying do not regret.

They have much more other toys, can go to this store on Aliexpress and see for yourself. I can still recommend soft designer Gear out of 81 details and music fishing.