DICIHAYA cool wallet genuine leather — unisex

Waited a long time for the discounts from the seller Dicihaya. I liked their purses and wallets for unique design and quality performance. Of course, I always read the reviews. Overall, the evaluation of the shop good to excellent.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and how much it cost
  2. Overview
  3. Male or female?
  4. Compartments for Bank cards, business cards and smartphone
  5. Colors and conclusion
  6. Video

Where to buy and how much it cost

Waited for the action, chose a purse wallet and ordered here with the official representative on Aliexpress. The cost was a little more than 18$. Shipping from the seller free. Purse was shipped a day later, it track to track.

To Siberia was sending 20 days. Packed order was in the package. The purse was in the corporate package, neatly wrapped in bubble wrap. All pockets are padded so they don’t wrinkle.


Male or female?

When he saw my purchase and was very pleased. Purse men’s, but ordered one for myself, because it is convenient. The owners of the small bags is not advised. But for those who like to take everything in one hand is a godsend.

Compartments for Bank cards, business cards and smartphone

Lots of compartments for cards, there is a mesh compartment for photos. All the pockets for cards are functioning, you can put up to four in one cell. Banknotes can be stored in two parts. For coins there is a spacious pocket with a zipper. It is located outside, which is very convenient when you need to quickly clean up a trifle.

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Special thanks to the seller for the separation cell. Pocket this compact, the phone does not slip. But after a month of using the purse, some stretched on the form of the Huawei Honor phone. From this it became easier to get a mobile phone.

Also in the purse large pocket under the keys and other trifle. I wore it the passport without the cover. The strap was attached to the purchase made of stitched leather, mount it on a solid. So fasten the straps on the bags.

Genuine leather, not as often write and send a leatherette.

On the front side of the product – the logo of the store. Beautifully compliment the simplicity of the purse round metal buttons with ornament. Zipper simple, but durable, and the dogs are made of leather. Not bound, as the strap and fastened by a rivet.

Colors and conclusion

This purse is issued by the seller in two colors – black and brown (chocolate). Ordered brown because is not so manly looking. Suitable for strict business outfit and the young lady in sneakers. I think it is perfect backpack Muzeeand for men, of course, bag Vormor. Again, better to order from the official seller on Aliexpress here on this page, not from dealers.


The video is not mine and the product itself it is a little different, but overall understanding of the quality, after watching the video, because the quality of leather, zippers, buckles etc. they are the same, because one brand!