Diamond embroidery cheap from Aliexpress

This diamond embroidery peonies I bought for about $ 4 at a discount, it is now worth five. The delivery was fast, within 3 weeks, the seller quickly sent, it was well Packed and not wrinkled. Took on Aliexpress here on this page.

The contents

  1. Pros
  2. Cons
  3. Quality
  4. How to assemble
  5. Conclusion


This embroidery I really like a few things:

  1. It is relatively inexpensive from this seller. There is exactly the same embroidery from other sellers on Ali, but it costs six dollars of the same size.
  2. Size. It is big enough to be well detailed, the colors do not merge into a single mass.
  3. Very simple and clear notation, put her will be easy.


But it has several disadvantages. I want to say about the size of the picture. Ali stated that the painting 30×40, but if it is measured, it turns out that 30×40 is the size of the white fields. Borderless it 24х34. It’s a minus, because a frame for her to choose to be uncomfortable, willing such just yet. Will have to do it yourself, that takes time too.

Despite the fact that by itself, the picture is not hesitated, she wasn’t very well built. It was not fit on the roller and just carefully folded, causing small creases had to straighten under pressure.


Color strazikov very bright and beautiful, packaging is complete, all the colors in place. Rhinestones round, to work with them a pleasure. A lot of green and pink tones, the background will go pale yellow and beige, it will enhance the picture, and the flowers would be in front. In these crystals, the feelings, faces more than usual, and they are very much sparkle.

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Yourself rhinestones high quality, marriage ceremony quite a few, not concave, then there will be good to go on painting and reared.

How to assemble

Factsheet no numbers of crystals and symbols, that is, the picture can’t put in bed or on the knees because you will be uncomfortable to watch, which color corresponds to which sign.

Mica, which closes the picture above, made by one whole piece and not divided into several. It is not very convenient, because you will have to cut it off during calculations.

The tools here are simple: an ordinary stylus mass stylus and the tray. Tweezers, zip-bags, attachments of three or ten crystals there, although in this picture such tips would be useful, because in the picture there are areas that need to be put in one color, and I would prefer to do it through nozzles.


It’s a beautiful painting, it will be fairly easy to lay out, color it is very nice. It will be possible to decorate the kitchen, for example, it will look good almost in any interior. And it periodically has a promotion from the seller, so you can buy it at a very affordable price, cheap on Aliexpress here.