Diamond 3D embroidery

Bought a set for embroidery 3D diamond size 20 by 20 inches Aliexpress here.

The order was delivered to Saint Petersburg in three weeks, very pleased, as the wait time was listed at four weeks. Everything was Packed neatly without any creases and damage. Rhinestone shallow and flat, square shaped, which enables them to completely fill all the space on the surface of the painting.

Very happy that the picture good adhesive layer, not sticky and not liquid, and such as is necessary for tight and reliable fit of the «diamond» to the surface. Rhinestones are well kept and do not disappear when you move the fabric.

The contents

  1. Tweezers and containers
  2. Option for children
  3. Conclusion

Tweezers and containers

An additional advantage was the special tweezer for rhinestones that was added to the set with a tray and a stick for sticking, very convenient to move in case of an unsuccessful application.

We recommend to order a special container for storing rhinestones and more convenient access to them, as in the set many different shades. I do not guessed and used the container for the medication, but this is not enough for such quantity of materials.

Option for children

Also ordered a sample of diamond 3D painting for children seven and nine years. The size is the same, but the rhinestones are round and are not glued to the entire surface, but only part of the picture, so that the children was enough perseverance to finish the job and everyone was happy.


I hope my review will be useful to fans of needlework and those who are looking for a new hobby. I recommend painting by numbersto paint pictures of Aki a true artist without special education and a set of creative Mandala.

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