Device brand Rock — accessories for charging gadgets and devices

For any smartphone, sooner or later consumables have to be replaced. In most cases, I order them on AliExpress, and one of the trading platforms, where I often bought accessories to smartphones, is ROCK.

Here is a direct link to all products of the brand Rock from the official representative of the manufacturer on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Adapters for charging Sugar at 1 and 2 amps
  2. Cable and wire
  3. Conventional braided 8pin Lightning and MicroUSB
  4. L-shaped wire for IPhones and IPads
  5. Magnetic cable universal
  6. Opinion

Adapters for charging Sugar at 1 and 2 amps

Let’s get to the review. Let’s start with power adapters Rock Sugar 1 and 2A.

Of course, it is not the cheapest adapters, the «younger» cost about 3.5$, and 2 for$ 7 with discounts. The seller has sent the goods quickly, the parcel came within 2-3 weeks.

Housing adapters are plastic, with no backlash. Plastic frosted, non-staining, very durable. A feature of these adapters is the USB output at an angle of 90 degrees to the fork.

On the side opposite the plug, built the little diode lamps. They are barely noticeable in a dark room to sleep do not hinder absolutely.

During charging, the device gets a little warm only when current is above 1A. No extraneous sounds and scratching noises from the charger was not observed.

Adapters Rock safely charge both Chinese noname, and serious equipment like Samsung or Apple. Conflicts with the device did not arise, as equipment breakdowns.

Rock adapter, 1 port port according to the specified data supports the current output at 5V/1A. In practice, it is possible to squeeze up to 1.15 And no loss of voltage at load current 2A will have much to sink.

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Charging on 2 ports in theory should give 2,4 A. This figure is summed from both of the USB outputs. That is, charge the tablet at 2A and to attach the telephone on 1A will not succeed. In practice, each port gives 2.4 A fine, but at 2.5 And the voltage begins to fall. While both ports produce the same current.

I can say that adapters are reliable, one is my third year with no complaints.

Cable and wire

Conventional braided 8pin Lightning and MicroUSB

And now for the cables to charge Rock. First, I will mention the usual wicker. Price meter charge usually does not exceed 2$, although sales I was able to take them cheaper dollar.

Braid the wire medium hardness, thicker and many others durable, at the junction of virtually lint-free cable resistant to kinks. On average, live such cables I have 1.5 — 2 years with lightning connector and slightly longer with micro USB connector after which it begins to oxidize.

About bandwidth: cables safely give these 2A and even more. IPhones are taking the lead for the native, charged as fast as with the native, the display is stable, when pressed, not shaking. Charging cases for the iPhone (the same Rock) is also excellent recharged both alone and with iPhone paired.

Cable perfectly connects to the computer, transfers data from iPhone / iPad, sinhroniziruete the device via iTunes. The plug from the charging Jack does not fall, kept securely.

With devices on Android, powerbank and other equipment no problem, and even more so. Micro-USB connector sits snugly, no problems with loose jacks of smartphones arose.

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Cables Rock auto-off not available, but at full charging current ceases to flow. In principle it’s pretty simple, but quality leads that you can use to charge devices with a current of up to 2A. For fast charging QC3 this cable will not work.

L-shaped wire for IPhones and IPads

The following cable, which I want to draw attention is a L-shape with the connectors at an angle of 90 degrees to the lightning-plug. I usually take them from the same seller for$3.

Such exercises are very easy to work for iPads/iPhones and their simultaneous charging. The cord near the connector does not interfere and is not bent. Braid is strong and reliable, as direct cables Rock, protected from all types of damage.

Contacts are quite resistant to oxidation. L cable transmits the information appliances connected to the Apple itunesu. Cord supports current up to 2.4 amps, perfect for both the iPhone and the iPad.

This wire I will advise anyone who uses their device while charging, particularly gamers and fans.

Magnetic cable universal

And the last cable from the Rock, with whom the meeting occurred recently is a magnetic cable with L-shape.

Unlike the previous cable, here at an angle of 90 degrees is only near to the phone socket. The price at which I ordered, were 3.5$ for full set and 0.9$ for each connector.

Braid here is thinner and softer than other wires Rock. The magnets are powerful, are anchored at a distance of 10cm. The plug is held firmly. In order to get him out of the nest, you need to make the effort. The curved shape of the plug there is not so comfortable due to the protruding magnet why the wire is not pressed to the smartphone.

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Plus the cable Rock that one cord may be enough for all devices. And the second advantage — easy connect and disconnect from charging without risk to damage the socket of the device.

However, there are a couple of nuances about a particular cable.

  1. unilateral plug lightning. It is necessary to properly insert contacts facing down, otherwise the charge will not go.
  2. lack of communication because it allowed for one direction, and shared path.
  3. And the third caveat — current transmission. For devices 2A, this wire will not work. Its maximum throughput — 1A/5V. Nevertheless, the iPhone it charges fine, infringements in work have been identified.

Such a cable I will recommend the users of iPhones below 8 version, in particular to those who often connect a device to the network.


Overall I can describe accessories Rock as a reliable, high-quality and quite affordable. Recommend.

All of these products for charging devices you can buy on Aliexpress at the official representative of the brand Rock here. Also I can advise you to look at reviews on their own external power supplies (power Banki): Slim 10,000 mAh and Rock Odin power bank.