Designer Lepin — VW (Lepine Ali)

I want to tell You about the designer Lepin 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van which is a copy of the eponymous set from Lego. In this article I want to submit a review directly designer Lepin, not how it compares with Lego.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Details
  3. Manual
  4. Quality
  5. My opinion
  6. Conclusion

Where to buy

I bought it on Aliexpress for 42$ with free shipping here from the seller Toys Factory. The designer came to me in Nevinnomyssk for two weeks, with another 5 days the seller went to the post office to send my order.

Designer comes without box, in transparent bags wrapped in packing tape (so-called «some bubble wrap») and securely wrapped with tape so that no circuits are not affected.


Speaking of circuits. Usually, Chinese designers suffer from lack of detail, however, I came across a good instance, where all the details were in place, and even more superfluous. From me to Lepin tremendous plus and the like.


An essential attribute of any designer. You can see on this photo:

Manual done efficiently. Just 79 pages, the last specified functional model. Glossy paper, a little thin, but pleasant to the touch.

The color, the action described is simple and clear, but usually, the instructions in the previous steps a little obscured, to make it clearer what and where to put, but the instructions from Lepin no such separation — the steps are the same shade. Detail, the overall feel is not affected, but if You order a baby, he may become confused.


I think it’s time to finish the user manual and go to the VW machine T1. As mentioned earlier, the Assembly delivered the sea of pleasant sensations. The parts interlock and are held without any problems, I was pleased.

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The next photo shows the front view of the Volkswagen.

Overall looks good, but there is something to pay attention to.

  1. First, numbered stickers. In my instance they are cut a little crooked, you can tell by the black strip around the room;
  2. Second, for fastening of the roof at the Lepin made too few pins, and therefore closer to the cab it forms a small gap. Perhaps this was done in favor of the convenience of removing the roof.

But if You put this model on a shelf, this side it will be facing the wall, as all the fun on the other side, but more on that later, but for now I propose to look at the driver’s seat.

My opinion

Controls movable: at the helm, you can adjust the angle in several positions, the gear lever can only be moved forward and backward, and pedals to push.

A mirror door is also rotated. All the elements are kept firmly, keeping his position and not dangling by itself. Nice.

The time has come to look at the car Lepine on the other side.

The passenger door opens and its functionality is complete. But behind it there is a door in the living room, if you can call it that.

At the entrance we are met by the sink, and right behind him table and sofas that can convert into a bed by lowering the table. You can see in the photo below.

I have one complaint — the seat fasteners in the kit Lepine made not the best way, so laying out and assembling it can be easily removed from its mounting. Table well kept, not falling.

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You should pay attention to the number of the designer pins for the roof on the farther side he is only one, why there is the gap, which is described in the beginning of the article. Roof can be removed easily and is not falling apart.

Approaching the completion of the review, take a look at the back of the car.

The photo shows that the back has two open compartments. The first is the back entrance into the living room and the second compartment of the engine.

Honestly in engines is not my Forte but these two shafts, between which stretched elastic — rotate. Unfortunately, the engine is not coupled to the wheels, so if you roll the machine, the shafts will not rotate.

Rubber on wheels of medium hardness, it was easy enough to put on disk. Caps with discs not fly.


Summarizing, we can say that the model designer Lepin done at a high level. In the process of assembling the parts do not fall apart, adjusted to each other perfectly. Good quality plastic, unpleasant odors were not.

Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page. The seller Toys Factory, there are other options: people, buildings, planes, rockets, trains, etc. Can watch them here on Ali.

If so carried away, I can still recommend a copy of Lego Star wars.