Designer «Labyrinth» with balls

Seeing the interest of my son to the designer «Labyrinth» in the store, I thought I should look like a toy on Ali. And I found it from a seller.

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  1. Where to buy
  2. Description
  3. Opinion
  4. Cons
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy

I had a coupon, so the purchase cost me less at 140 rubles, than the proposed site Aliexpress here on this page. The price consists of the quantity included in the kit, I chose the maximum. The cost, at the time of writing the review, c free shipping from 720 to 760 rubles.

Regular mail delivery to Kaliningrad — 25 days. All came in intact, but without original packaging.


  • Size assembled to 33.8 45 cm;
  • 105 colorful parts made of plastic (no odor);
  • Many glass beads.


It’s not just super maze LEGO, in which rolling balls, and in addition also the constructor. If you have perseverance, it is possible to collect all the maze according to the instructions.

Personally, I fussed with the build quite a long time until paint scheme with colored markers. You can include fantasy and use of the details, creating their own slides. You can play with friends, arranging competitions, whose faster ball will reach the finish line. In General, a good idea, but…..


Manual black-and-white,which is extremely convenient. The design itself is very flimsy, the ball often gets stuck and when you try to push, everything could collapse.

That would not bother each time with the Assembly (child of 2.5 years), my plans to clean the toys on a shelf collapsed along with the maze. He simply collapsed in my hands. If in grooves of the part inserted tightly — it wouldn’t have happened. Plastic is fragile, accidentally stepped — crack. Beads, glass, nail.

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This «miracle toy» is suitable for older children, with strong nerves, who will be able to play the «not breathing» at her. If you need such «zamorochki» , feel free to order. I prefer to hide everything, but we’ll see where to determine. For very young children is more blocky soft designer Gear or musical Montessori in the form of a Hedgehog.

Again, I ordered «Labyrinth ball» type of LEGO on Aliexpress here.