Designer Bela «Hulk» — similar to Lego

Ordered on Aliexpress designer «Bela» (similar to «Lego»), a series of «Super Heroes. Thor vs Hulk. Arena. Have Ragnarok.» The order is made , here February 5, 2019 , the cost of this purchase 1412,34 rubles.

I would like to draw attention to the day when we ordered the purchase — February 5 — beginning of Christmas holidays in the Chinese calendar. On this site we have been informed with a message warning that the order will be sent after the holidays.

Decided to wait, though, as exactly the same designer we have seen in the shops of our city, but at a price 2-3 times the price. Let me remind you, we bought this toy less than 1500 rubles!

By the way, we did order together with children who understand the difference in price, and you know exactly where and what to spend the money saved;)

After placing the order, I was prepared for a long, long wait, and the constant whining of the children- «Soon the parcel will come?» And my expectations began to make excuses in the first day….but by teaching children to independently keep track on the Ali website, where their package, this problem has been solved.

The supplier promised delivery time 3 weeks immediately after a two week vacation … but we were the package came on March 5, exactly one month!

The parcel was in a lot of layers Packed, come clean! Box is not damaged!

All the details, as it should be, was packaged in tea bags. Owner instruction. The plastic from which made the designer, not smelly! Color colorful, all with images!

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Design details Bela are well attached and do not fall off, as happens with cheaper counterparts. Also present were stickers that we love to glue.

And most importantly, details were everything, even a spare thrown! While I waited, the children watched various vidyuhi about this designer and all have been met: the gates are pushed aside the chair Loki and the Grandmaster recline, Thor, with some pieces flying!

My kids happiness was limitless!

Aliexpress thanks, great copy of the original LEGO, only much cheaper! I recommend to all! For designers just go! Again, took here on this page.

I recommend a set of LEGO STAR WARS and Knights Nexo Fortrex.