Depth sounder FISH FINDER XJ-01 wireless

Decided to write a review bought on Aliexpress portable wireless fish finder FISH FINDER XJ-01 wireless.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and price
  2. Manual
  3. Testing
  4. Video

Where to buy and price

One day, looking at a fishing goods trading platform, saw the sounders. Comparing them on features, reviews and other parameters of selected it and added the XJ-01 in desire.

The cost then in November of 2018 was 3500 rubles, which is expensive for me. And then on the eve of 11.11 sales. the price drops to 2600. Excellent – take. And make order sonar here on this page on Aliexpress.

City of shipping — Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The seller about a month only to ship the product, then it was not known which route the transport company IML Express. Immediately suggest to choose shipping with tracking — it will cost a penny, but will save the nerves themselves well.

In my case, the product was without location, and I had to wait. In delivery the seller increased the term of protection, I opened a dispute at the end of it. But all ended well and 29 January 2019 I received this device. Composition: sonar, screen display, charger cord USB 5V to charge the sonar. The packaging claims arose.


The principle of operation sonar FISH FINDER XJ-01 wireless if from the shore, then tie the sonar cord for spinning and casting.

Pulling himself to accept information about the depth of the reservoir, the presence, the size, the location of the fish, the temperature of the water. Boat easier — you need her to tie the cord end.

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Of course, in winter, a full test is not possible, and I decided to check the work in (note — you can’t do, I learned later) bucket. Fortunately, the unit worked, and even fish have not shown that could not but rejoice.


Spring has arrived, it’s time to test. I stop at the reservoir, which have long been astonished by their depths (the limit for the device 36 meters). The maximum depth of water reflecting there fish showed 10 meters. The water temperature is +2, fish on the bottom.

The presence of fish to verify the correctness of information is not possible, because it activity at low temperatures does not show. However, even the information about the depths a lot to give to the fisherman, to help to understand the bottom topography of the reservoir, and ultimately affect successful fishing.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Also recommend rod company Agepoch with Ali and a camouflage life vest for fishing from the boat company Lixada.