Denim overalls for pregnant women

On the website Aliexpress ordered a denim jumpsuit for a pregnant wife. Here are the main advantages:

  • On the website the price came out cheaper than the store, and even on some sites, the same price were only one or two sites.
  • At checkout on the seller’s page were written the detailed size you need to measure and where. It really helped very much (the dimensions were not every seller).

Bought on Ali here.

Jeans came quickly, only took two and a half weeks from the date of payment. Usually free shipping comes to month.


If overalls for pregnant you are viewing all the seams were sewn well, no crooked seams, no extra holes, the edges were overlegen, everything was as pictured from the seller.

The wife considered them pretty meticulously, trying to prikopat failed!

When fitting legs never shook, their length did not require any podseleniya or other actions. The quality of the material matched the description.

The wife and I were in overalls, four or five months, sometimes and then dressed. They were washed in a standard washing machine a couple of times in the machine all other cases, they never sat down, never changed his color.

When worn in the sun they were little used in the period from late autumn to late spring. The material after washing was not dented , never seen someone to be touched, buttons, too, lasted as expected , flew. Overall straps will not come off, neither in the wash nor wear. The bottom leg is not messed up.

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In General, the wife denim overalls for pregnant women was satisfied, contrary to popular belief about the unreliability of Chinese products. The manufacturer of the respect and the seller tried. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. I also recommend maternity dress in vintage style.