Denim jacket with warm lining for autumn and winter

Long wanted to buy a denim jacket with warm lining that you can wear in autumn and winter. I lit up the idea for character of the American TV series «Riverdale», Drogheda who wore the same.

But, unfortunately, in our city, which is not small, I couldn’t find what I wanted. Sold, of course, a variety of denim jackets, but no interior. Then I decided to take a chance and order it on Aliexpress.

I needed a light jacket with white fur inside and pockets, as well as machine stitching was located in the front in a certain way. Because the site has a large selection, you need a style I found somewhere after half an hour of intense exploration.

The contents

  1. Ordering information
  2. Colors and sizes
  3. The advantages of jinsuke
  4. Opinion

Ordering information

The order was made at the end of 2017 on Aliexpress here here. At the time of purchase its value was 1900, 52 RUB Now with the discount, the price of the jacket – 1957, $ 90, but without the discount – 2151, 60 RUB of my choice, the delivery was carried out by the company and ePacket is free. The seller has another free option, but the estimated delivery time, in this case more. If you want similar but a little different design, you can look at this link from the same seller.

The parcel was sent on 3rd day after ordering, and in total she spent 25 days.

I chose this model at your own risk. This product was not actually in orders, or had one, don’t recall precisely. Reviews also no one wrote. But the seller almost immediately answered all my questions.

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Colors and sizes

In the item card on the website, the jacket is available in two colors – dark (dsrk blue) and light (light blue). I chose the latter.

In the description there is a size chart, but I usually do not use it and just take on the size more. So, on your S-M took L. the result, the sleeves were the right length but the shoulders are a bit wide.

On the product photos, the models, they are also a little large, and behind it turns out that the jacket in these places ugly bristling. But because the girls in the pictures and I have the same problem, it is possible that it was originally intended.

When I received the jacket, I was very pleased and did not notice that I great. I got it just the photos that were in it.

The parcel was packaged in a special black bag and some other additional layers for protection, the seller is not added. She was just lying in the package. When I unpacked it, I immediately felt a sharp smell of chlorine. I put dzhinsovki to the balcony to ventilate, but it didn’t really work. The smell just became less active and visible.

It’s been almost a year, and sniffing the jacket, you can still feel the bleach. And this is another minus of the product after the wrong size. But the flaws of jacket, for me personally end. Moreover, the size was wrong and I now know what I need to order, and the smell is easily interrupted and then almost not felt. I believe that it really is the little things.

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The advantages of jinsuke

As I’ve been wanting a similar jacket, we can now conclude that this acquisition still was successful. And it’s not just because of my great desire and preferences. Dzhinsovka really worth to buy it. And I’ll tell you why.

Low price. In comparison with other models and with other sellers, this product is sold with a nice price tag. The cost of most of the jackets were varied in the range from 2500 to 3 thousand, and I was able to purchase for 1900 rubles. There were, of course, variants in the region of 1500, but they did not approach me.

Good stuff. Jeans light, not «tie-dye», not pureed. The material is dense and wear time never broke. Threads were not any, the jacket came completely solid.

Lining. The jacket a faux fur lining, white, slightly gray color. But neither dark nor dirty shades, as is usually the case. For the full year of nothing crept and pulled off. For Chinese jacket it is made very well. By the way, the fur does not smell of chlorine. Sewn the lining in the torso area and on the cuff. The sleeveless medovushka is missing, but has a warm lining.

Model. In comparison with other common styles on Aliexpress, this dzhinsovka, I think, different from them. The front has four pockets – two normal and two chest. The lines are all smooth and neat.

Season. The jacket I tested in warm climates and in colder. At zero temperature, this spring I was not hot and the fabric in the sleeves added a nice coolness. In cold weather, oddly enough, I was not uncomfortable. And due to the fact that the size was a little large I can wear it under any jacket.

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Dzhinsovka for me was a great inexpensive purchase. She is beautiful, made of quality materials and properly stitched. It can be worn in any weather, even in cold winter, so the jacket does not blow at all. I think that after some time will acquire exactly the same jacket but one size smaller. One thing I can say for sure – buying, I was satisfied, recommend seller, here is the link to it and similar products (top): the seller on Aliexpress.