Demi jacket for girls

Any purchase in the store in shopping malls takes a lot of time, effort and nerves. Therefore, all children try to buy on Aliexpress and advance. All things in the spring for the kids ordered back in early winter. Purchase winter jackets for the younger daughter I realized at the following link.

Free shipping by the seller was carried out by the Russian Air service and was only 18 days, it was 25 days roughly. Track delivery were monitored from the date of purchase to the time of receipt in the Mail of Russia. Packed jacket was in the usual plastic durable package. At the time of purchase the price of the product was 598 rubles.


Mid-season jacket for girls chose a stock size, 4 years, even though the child is only now 2.5 years, because I know that many Chinese items have inflated dimensional grid.

The bust at the time, but the width of the sleeves, the jacket is a bit tight. The length of the sleeves a small margin, but they can bend, the appearance of this not lost. Top fabric – Oxford.


The colors chosen large flower pink hue. The zipper works perfectly. On the collar there is a hood, it is a pity that there is no tightening to it. I think if there is wind it will fly with a baby.

Features cotton lining, very nice and gentle for a child.

Jacket for girls after washings, both hand and machine, its appearance and quality are not lost. The lines are sewn straight and evenly, threads do not stick out.

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Given the cost and time of delivery, jacket my daughter happy. The jacket is very stylish, has an original design and high quality sewing. The most wonderful casual option for warm spring and cool summer.

Can recommend white school blouse for girls and a pink platice with ponies and rainbows.