DeLonghi coffee machine with milk Frother discount

Long been thinking about purchasing a coffee machine for the home. Studied a variety of models and options: drip, carob and so on. In the end we opted for a qualitative model DeLonghi ECP33.21 and not very expensive.


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  • Waited in all home appliance stores Black Friday, but as always on Aliexpress was just cheaper. The goods came to Moscow in just 4 days, because the official seller is a warehouse in Russia. Brought a coffee courier, pre-negotiate the details and time of delivery.

    Cost in may 2017, about 80 dollars, now cost $ 200 from the same seller. As the time the order was made, the difference is more than 2 times. But maybe when you read this review, price will change too, so watch the price for yourself at this link. Track to track, everything showed correctly.

    The item came in perfect original packaging, without any damage. The weight was about five kilos. Warranty card is attached, the warranty is for one year. The quality is excellent, we can safely assure you that this is the original model. No odors from the machine.


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    With its task of brewing coffee copes for a roundabout. The beauty is that you can brew coffee directly in two, and the coffee Cup can be both big and small. This provides a convenient stand that folds out when necessary. At the same time will make two small mugs or one large. The set features 3 interchangeable inserts in the horn of different size, into which is poured the ground coffee.

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    In the coffee maker DeLonghi ECP33.21 also has a milk Frother, foam and whisk well. A piece of iron from the small not long, therefore, to prepare the foam you need for each mug separately. They say that with the same milk Frother, you can heat water for tea, it’s funny — I never used.

    The model DeLonghi compact and not heavy, easy to store spoons and accessories inside. The container is roomy enough for 4-5 cups of coffee without the topping. When running out of water, the machine produces a characteristic loud sound. Heats the water fast enough, easy to navigate through the indicator of heating.

    There is the off system, very convenient with a small child, constantly distracted and forget to turn it off. Therefore, this coffee maker can be considered smart.

    Provides for cooking are not only ground coffee, but also preformed, for fans, so to speak.

    The volume of noise has an average value, not quiet sure. Function Cup warmer never used, apparently, this coffee taste should be even better.

    The only disadvantage of de’longhi, which is manifested in the operation of that coffee are not flowing trickle and drip. Then we realized that we just shifted the amount of ground coffee in the cone. Began to add coffee less and the problem is resolved. Wash the device very quickly and easily wipe the surface and the horn. Used coffee is pressed and discarded, can be cleaned with a cloth. Every time to wash not necessarily.

    Decided to try it, and then you can take a more expensive model, which threw the grain, poured the water and pressed the button. And yet, no wash, noise, calculation of portions, and a pleasure from coffee!

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    PS once again, bought here at this link