Decorative film for Windows patterned

I want to share with you my successful purchase on one of the Chinese sites. For me the purchase of decorative solar films has become an ideal and, most importantly, inexpensive solution to the «window» problem.

The fact that our bedroom has a loggia, whose Windows overlook the Eastern side, and it means that we really Wake up with the first rays of the sun.

Plus, our apartment is located on the second floor, and there, he caught glances of the neighbors from the street. To live constantly drawn the curtain is not an option: too dark and uncomfortable.

The contents

  1. Application
  2. Where to buy and price
  3. How to glue
  4. Summary
  5. Video


Decorative solar film in this respect, allows to solve these problems easily:

  • first, the window film protects you and your home from prying eyes;
  • secondly, the film reduces the degree of heating the room by direct sunlight (particularly in summer);
  • thirdly, the right type of decorative film may become a stylish decoration.

In fact, with the choice of the store we didn’t bother, and the main criterion for the choice of the proposed dimensions of the film.

Where to buy and price

Basically, the sellers offered a standard film width of 60 cm, we needed width 80 cm to Order the film, we decided on Aliexpress in this store. The rating of the seller of good, a lot of orders, opinions too, people praise. Besides, we were approached by the style of one of the submitted samples .

Please note that the minimum length of a film in the order of 300 to see If you need larger quantities of film, you just throw in the trash a few orders.

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The seller will send you an order ONE WHOLE roll length of 300, 600, 900…see We papered the loggia, so we had 600 see the film, then there are 2 goods at 300 cm the price came to about 15$ with the discount and free delivery.

From the moment of placing the order till receiving it in the mail it’s been 45 days. Quite a long delivery in the Rostov region, but it already a question to our email.

The parcel was packaged in protective bubble wrap and wrapped with duct tape. By the way, in the latest review of the product to the people wrote that in a package together with tape, the seller put a small gift: a small silicone spatula and a measuring tape. We only got the film …

She was wrapped in a plastic tube, which is very convenient. You just unwind the desired length and cut off the necessary part of the total canvas.

How to glue

Before gluing the Windows, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video instructions on the Internet. Save time and nerves.

At first we ignored this advice, with the result that during the night our entire film flew off the window on the floor. Had to start all over again.

I recommend you to follow these simple but important basic rules when pasting Windows decorative film:

  • Alone glue is unreal! Need an assistant.
  • Thoroughly wash the window before beginning the process of gluing.
  • The film has a protective layer. It is not visible, but it is. Be sure to remove it.
  • Glue on the soapy solution, not to dry the glass. You can use the tool for washing glass, but it is better to dilute water with shower gel.
  • Use the silicone spatula to smooth the surface and remove bubbles on the film. If there is no spatula, you can try to smooth the surface with a dry cloth, but not with your bare hands, easy tear tape.
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Based on these recommendations, our film was fixed on the Windows tightly. Has passed less than a year, and it is in place.

Important: wash the Windows, covered this film very carefully with a small amount of water or special detergent for Windows, in any case not pressing on the window itself — if water gets under the film, peel the corners and the film may be .

If you need to remove the tape , you just pick at the corners and pull the tape from the glass. Unlike the Soviet foil, which is tightly glued to the Windows and leaves a silver coating, the film is removed quickly, easily and accurately.


The quality of the film we are satisfied at 100%. She perfectly fits into the interior of the room, blocking the bright sunlight and do not obscure natural light.

Yes, we now can not see what is happening on the street, but we specifically chose this picture as much as possible to hide from prying eyes. Bedroom after all))

If you look at the window from the street, except for the pattern on the film can not see anything, even the silhouettes are not visible. So this product to buy I recommend.

Let me remind you, bought on Aliexpress here.

Still I can advise an excellent vertical blinds-blinds for the window and tulle linen on the Windows and balconies.