Decorative candles dog

I love decorative candles, but you buy them at the normal price in the city is impossible. On Aliexpress I found only one normal version for an adequate price here. To reduce the price, you can use cashback EPN.

The contents

  1. The cost and shipping
  2. View of candles and quality
  3. About buying in General

The cost and shipping

At the time of purchase one candle it cost almost a thousand rubles (946 to be exact), but I ordered 15 pieces and the total amount released 9 188 rubles including volume discounts and promotions in the app. The choice was given 12 pieces, selected all, and several were repeated.

I chose priority for free shipping. From the date of dispatch will not be tracked in 2 days, but after saw all movement. Pleased that on the 17 day the parcel was already at my place. But after receiving the order, was surprised. On the website were suggested with one dog in different variations, and I came all different, which was not even among the.

Each candle had its own «bubble» bag, but they didn’t come in a box and in the package and during the delivery of 2 candles a little hurt, though not very noticeable.

View of candles and quality

The shape and size of candle will suit me completely. They are very cute and similar to a miniature copy of real dogs. What kind of material I did not understand. At first glance, like paraffin, and the like, and gel of some kind. The wick is not very long, but I think it is better to place it elsewhere.

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Candle is covered with paint of unknown origin, she climbed, even if slightly RUB the dog. Ignition no smell, but a candle very quickly «melts». Of course, candles decorative, and does not imply frequent use, but as it turned out, these options are disposable.

In General, the quality of goods is satisfactory and if used simply as a figurine, or a romantic evening, and you can buy.

About buying in General

Can’t say that all were satisfied. Left an unpleasant aftertaste due to the fact that you have not specified the material and the product at once. In addition, I was expecting to see one option, and in fact was quite another, though, and had a better view than in the photo.

I’m sorry to use candles on purpose, as they are very cute, and spoil the beauty of not want to. The price of such goods is too high, even if it is handmade, as specified, for the price you could use wax and attach the form.