DECDEAL night light on the battery and alarm clock with radio

I recently ordered an unusual watch night light-alarm clock radio on Aliexpress brand DECDEAL from the seller Easy Life Store here on this page. And about the singularity, I’ll tell you a little bit below…

For what it’s become necessary:

Since it is usually late in the evening I’m on the desktop do different things, and in this situation they can required.

The contents

  • Where to buy
  • Feature
  • Manual
  • Battery
  • Where to buy

    Polazil on different sites and one of them came across such an amazing watch. The price I was pleased just: 1927 rubles!!! And even if you use cashback EPN , you can save additional 100 rubles.

    On other sites I saw much more this item… shipping too, I was pleased as the item came quickly in 3 weeks.


    What they do is unusual:

    They have an interesting form, and such hours will not occupy huge space on your Desk.

    So they can be used not only for desktop, but just put in your sleeping room because these also an alarm clock, warm-white color it quickly and quietly, you’ll Wake, like a sunrise.

    3 alarm Function:

    • A function modeling the sun: 30 minutes before the alarm time the white light will gradually brighten with 20 brightness levels and reaches a maximum during alarm;
    • The alarm will be off automatically after 5 minutes, and the light in 10 minutes after getting the alarm will stop ringing;
    • 5 natural Wake up sounds and 5 types of natural sound for your choice as a Wake-up sound;

    At night, if you like to sleep with the light on, you can turn on the clock, with the top of the tap of a finger light, but hard white and colored adapts to you, to make it much nicer and more comfortable to sleep.

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    Radio catches in the range 88-108 MHz. You can also on the clock to put the inclusion of a specific radio station when you Wake-up. There is a version cheaper without it, look at the page the same seller.


    How to set color?

    Simply touch the touch button on top with your finger and hold. In this state, the color of the clock will slowly vary in the range of 256 colors. When you reach the desired simply release your finger and the watch automatically remember your choice.

    Next time when turned on, and the awakening of the alarm clock will be used this light.


    Also attached is the charger. Even if a watch will stay on the charger, they will still be able to work for you. Connector standard, like most modern smartphones. You can use USB.

    Full charge is achieved in about 1 hour. Charge the battery lasts for a period of from a week to 3 months, depending on usage.

    Uses standard battery Li-ion 18650, which is also used now in almost all modern laptops and powerbench. If necessary, you can easily find a replacement on Aliexpress, there the choice is huge and prices are moderate.


    Overall, all more than happy, I’m happy They suit me and as the night lamp and as table lamp and as an alarm clock. Wake up with the sunrise is the standard situation for humans and all living beings on the planet.

    Unfortunately, we have to get up at different times, so the rising of the heavenly sun and you need to simulate that will make the device. Again, took on Aliexpress here. From the seller much the same, and if anything, just scroll down the page or go to the 2nd, the 3rd, at the same time will see different analogues.

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    By the way, if you love these clever and stylish things for the house, I can advise hygrothermograph Xiaomi Mijia c Bluetoth, which will not only display the temperature and humidity in the apartment, but also remember all the changes and will show on your smartphone or tablet into a convenient schedule and how it affects health and well-being of the family.

    Well, to maintain air humidity in the sleeping room during the heating season useful ultrasonic humidifier with screen Alanchi.