Dalas women’s watch Executive class

Executive class watch, quartz movement, shock resistant. Bought for 7$ on Aliexpress on this page here, came for 4 weeks in Slonim (Belarus) via registered mail. When checking it turned out that the battery does not work, it had to be replaced.

The contents

  1. Overview
  2. Appearance
  3. Conclusion


The watch is available in four colors: white, black, brown and red. I chose the red.


Round dial, presented in a glass with a colored insert, which occupies about 4/5 of the space, so that the glass was only on the sides of the cut semi-circles. Dial without digital signs, has two hands (hour and minute).

The dial is decorated in the upper part the inscription «Dalas», and in the lower part of the marking 6 in the form of a straight section, both represented in gold color. Also at the bottom of the small white font marked with a serial number.

The window of the dial glass.

The body consists of a number of alloys, and over the window is presented in gold color, as well as hands. The strap is made from faux leather.

The winding knob located on the back side, near the attachment of the strap and therefore partly covered by the latter.


In addition to dead batteries other disadvantages not found. I think the red option is ideal to handbag Cool Walker, and others — to bag FONMOR in the form of a snail made of natural woven rattan — fashion trend of 2019 and I think another three years will be popular!

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