Cross country t-shirt — terracotta Fannai

Professionally engaged in basketball, took a running shirt or just terracotta. Ordered from Aliexpress brand Fannai, which is considered the best value for the price the quality/price.

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Where to buy

There is a message that acts from this seller almost all year round. Taraha for 9,42$ came for three weeks in Torzhok (Tver oblast), free shipping. Jacket well Packed in a waterproof pack with zip closure. Took a size XL but the material is stretched, even if you take one size smaller your, you will be comfortable. Speaking of material: 15% spandex, 85% polyester.



If you highlight all the advantages,it will be like this:

  • Affordable price (though not the original Nike/Adidas, but the quality is not inferior);
  • Breathable;
  • Quick drying;
  • Keep warm when practicing (ran into her at +5,everything went fine). To see how much weight loss during sports or training, I can recommend smart scales Xiaomi for those who are watching their weight ;
  • Very strong seams (more than six months doing three times a week,no sign of deformation);
  • Not know, plus or no plus, but the 6 colors available in the store (red,black,white,green,gray,blue).
  • For those who have just started out, a great thing — to quickly shed unwanted pounds. By the way, be sure to use a sport fitness bracelet.


Of the minuses can be noted:

  • Delivery, although shipments from China to the city-the village 3 weeks is very good;
  • The first time you have to get used to such clothes, it is very unusual to do, but this is only the first time.
  • Very fastidious washing, I ,for example, wash only by hand.
    I advise you to do in terrocotta, but wear a t-shirt on top of it, at least for the material and stretch, but mechanical damage from cross-country t-shirt will not save it even if it Fannai.
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Also you should buy two jackets at once if you have intense workout. As they say: Two t-shirts and live twice as long,so professional athletes that just need.


Terracotta need as Amateur and Pro, both for beginners and for people who do. Suitable for the hall and for the street. Again, ordered on Aliexpress here.


The video is not mine and it tells about about the same terracotta, from another store. However, the brand is the same, so you can judge the quality of products Fanny: