Crochet hooks — set of 16 pieces for the needle

When I ordered the «Aliexpress» crochet hooks for $ 7, the seller pointed out the guaranteed delivery time 60 days. Prepared to expect the purchase of two months. Was surprised when after four weeks from the email notification arrived on the arrived parcel.

Bought here here. A translucent box with colored accessories for hand-made were neatly Packed in several packages. All items listed in the product description online were spot on: 16 crochet hooks from the smallest 0.6 mm to a large 6.5 mm needles, clamps…of such diversity, any Crafter will light up your eyes and goddamn hands.

However, a few months of usage set showed that not all of the accessories needed.

The contents

  1. Kit
  2. Opinion
  3. Where to buy


Useful were:

  • in fact, the hooks;
  • the tape;
  • plastic needle with a wide eye (they can easily stitch detail knit thick yarn);
  • curves plastic needles (they make it easy to remove the loops when knitting «KOs» on the spokes);
  • colored «pins» that you can mark the rows.

Not useful:

  • counters series (never understood how they work);
  • scissors (much easier to use the ordinary).
  • mysterious colored pyramids (if you know why they are needed, please write in the comments below).

The main component of the set of knitting hooks up to the indicated sizes. The thin (0.6 mm to 1 75 mm) base made of plastic, and thick (2.5 mm to 6.5 mm) — made of silicone.


All holders are convenient for the fingers, hands do not slip, so do not get tired even when you have time to knit.

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Steel parts are well polished. Head keeps excellent thread. The fact that they are easy to crochet, will prove a finished product photo swimsuit, crocheted 1.6 mm.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks. On items with a blue plastic handle numbers are just printed and after a few days of mating began to fade. I am not disappointed: in most cases I pick up the hook to the yarn eye. Less experienced knitters this may be confusing.

For thicker fixtures for knitting a silicone grip. The number embossed on it — it is visible always. However, even this good at first glance, the thing can spring a nasty surprise: the steel part can be separated from the base.

Fortunately, it is easily inserted back. For reliability, you can miss the details of the hook with glue.

Where to buy

Here, tied up with a set. This is now my second hobby after writing oil paintings by numbers:

Described the flaws you can forgive the product for its low price. For comparison, purchased from a retail store in your city SINGLE hook № 1,5 150 rubles (it was a discounted price). But on the «Incorrect» set of 16 hooks with a lot of other accessories you can buy for about 400 rubles here.

By the way, when I compared store the hook with the Chinese counterpart, they were exactly the same. Seems like someone bought a bunch of kits on Aliexpress, and then packaged the product in a separate package and began to sell them retail at a increased price.