Cream MeiYanQiong

Korean cosmetics-face cream MeiYanQiong. Bought on Aliexpress here on this page. Delivery is lightning fast — almost 16 Jan ordered, and the 30th already received, not even a trace, did not expect so early.

The seller just set a record for the delivery! He’s a big umnichka. In the package everything was very neatly folded.

A very good cream. I’m taking it for the second time for my sister.

As always, the cream MeiYanQiong comes in the box with the mica. The box has all the necessary information on the composition, shelf life. For protection against counterfeiting on the box is branded the excise tax.

The cream is in a plastic 40 grams. the jar ( it filled to the brim). In the box there is a description and the method of application in English and Chinese (if you prefer to translate).

The cream is white, a little stringy but soft texture, not oily, not greasy. Light texture and has a pleasant unobtrusive scent. Upon contact with your fingers and face cream just begins to melt. Applied easily and is quickly absorbed. No greasy film or sticky feeling on the skin remains. Discomfort is also no.

Allergic reactions to products MeiYanQiong, such as itching, redness, rashes and other delights appeared. I could not resist and tested the cream on herself. He really liked me too. Sister was satisfied.

Of course, deep age wrinkles cream Korean can not be removed, but with the small mimic copes fine. Plus, there is an effect of freshness and hydration .

As one of the components to care for skin, the cream is great! Yes, as a gift the seller put the probe even some cream. Let me remind you, took it from an official seller of the Korean brand on Aliexpress here.

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