Cream-gel for face with aloe BIOAQUA

Good day. Share your impressions about the cream-gel with aloe Vera BIOAQUA who ordered on Aliexpress on this page here.

The contents

  1. The shipping cost
  2. Quality
  3. My conclusion

The shipping cost

Shipping is fast – only two weeks, track to track, received in the mail. Ordered in June for 378 rubles, now 409 of the ruble at a discount, if you see the price above, do not hurry to order in a couple of days they will do a discount again. Packed in a mail order package and airbag, the tin is not deformed and the cream does not leak.


Brand BIOAQUA, haven’t heard that before, recommendations can not give. The weight of the gel – 220 grams, quite a lot and goes a long way. Shelf life 3 years. the date «valid until», I took in June 2018 and I have to 04.2021.

The smell is light, pleasant. The gel is tender to the touch, not sticky, absorbs quickly, easy to apply, after applying the skin as if wet, colorless.

The seller indicated that against acne, there is nothing else to say, luckily I don’t have. I ordered the gel in order to moisturize the skin against irritations from depilation.

So, with these objectives, this gel-cream is very good. I use it every day, only if the skin on the face starts to peel or irritation appeared, and even with infrequent use, I am very happy with the result.

Also, took the cream on holiday, at sea, burned slightly and the gel also helps skin quickly returned to normal, the redness was gone. The gel contains 92% of aloe extract, the remaining 8% is water and the necessary ingredients that, in my opinion, is not dangerous and Yes they can be found in most cosmetics.

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My conclusion

If the skin is prone to dryness or irritation, this gel BIOAQUA should fit you. If you do not have such problems, you can use just for moisturizing the body, it will never be over.

Don’t forget to activate the cash backwhen you buy something from Ali (I always forget). Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Can also recommend the face cream MeiYanQiong and serum for eyelash growth.