Cowherd women’s wallet genuine leather with RFID blocking

I recently bought a small purse Cowherd on the website Aliexpress at this link. I was looking for a small in size but roomy purse that would easily fit in the summer handbags is the clutch bags. And stopped on this variant.

The cost of the wallet for me was 567 Russian rubles. The delivery was carried out by the seller and only took 13 days. Packed the parcel was very good: soft bag, polyethylene, and mail the package so the item came in perfect condition.

The contents

  1. Sizes and colors
  2. Quality
  3. Convenience
  4. Opinion

Sizes and colors

Cowherd wallet with RFID-blocking compact size. At length he was only 11 cm, height – 9.5 cm and a thickness of not more than 1 cm. the Seller offers a choice of several colours: black, languid blue, gray, light purple and red. My wallet is red, the color is not bright, but rather noble (on the website it’s called the color of red wine).


The purse is made of genuine leather (or very-very high quality artificial), as in daily use already for quite a long time there was not a single scuff, cracks or even any external defects.

Inside also leather. All neatly stitched, smooth lines. The unpleasant smell of the product was not.


Inside there is one large and deep pockets for bills and seven offices for banking and bonus cards stores. One of them has a transparent window. The Russian notes of any value are placed in the appropriate compartment without difficulty.

Cards kept in the pockets firmly, do not fall out. The size of pockets allow you to store they are not one card, but two or three.

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I think it could fit more, but this is, firstly, increase the size and weight of the purse, and, secondly, a mobile app available to store your cards, saving us from having to carry it all with you.

Outside there is a zipper pocket for coins. The office is small, but very convenient to use, since the opening has the ability to pull the pocket through the hidden folds. Looking for the right coin becomes easier.

The purse closes on a small button. All accessories Golden hue. Zipper pocket for coins does not stick, moves smoothly and easily. Button unbuttoned spontaneously, even when the content of the wallet.

A distinctive feature of this wallet is RFID blocking, which has now become very popular. Because of the prevalence of contactless cards based on RFID signal, frequent theft with use of special devices that scan a card directly through the wallet.

Lining of considered purse is made using a protective material that prevents such scams.


Deficiencies in the purse of a Cowherd, I have not yet identified. He’s a tough, comfortable, functional, and most importantly, is compact and easily fits even in my smallest purse.

Again, I bought it on Aliexpress here — the official representative of the manufacturer. Can still advise and leather backpack shoulder bag Mochila and women’s shoes loafer brand STQ.