Cover for documents made of genuine leather

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  1. The shipping cost
  2. Material, dimensions, capacities
  3. Opinion

The shipping cost

Husband bought as his holder already shabby. Main choice was real leather and everything to fit. In the end, chose this cover for documents, Chinese brand Okli-Rsoe. In fact, don’t even pay attention to the names of the Chinese firms, just opinion decided to specify.

Shipping pleased – exactly two weeks, track to track, received in the mail. January cover cost 482 of the ruble, it is now 590 rubles, but Ali always discounts or coupons are presented, so you can save. Normal packing, mail order package with bubble wrap and signature fabric handbag.

Material, dimensions, capacities

A choice of three colors – black, beige and brown. As far as I understand the material, then Yes, it is real leather, thick and dense. The outer side of the cover is soft, pleasant to the touch, the inner is rough as suede and lighter. Zipper or no zipper, just folded in half, but my husband wanted. No foreign smell, thread never stick.

Cover has two large compartments, two slots for Bank cards and one policeman. Put all the necessary documents – passport, driving license, insurance (folded), a pair of Bank cards, and necessary anything else you can fit. Dimensions: width 10.5 cm, height 14.5 cm, thickness – 1.2 cm


This vintage cover for documents suitable for a gift, just think about the box need be. Looks solid, genuine leather, without the extraneous labels and the bells and whistles. Almost a year of use, its appearance is not lost, cracks, fading nowhere.

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Don’t forget to activate the cash back when you buy something from Ali (I always forget). Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Also it would be cool DICIHAYA wallet made of genuine leather.