Cordless vacuum cleaner Puppyoo

With the vacuum cleaner Puppyoo WP536 my house is clean. Now I just clean up the garbage as soon as it appears. For example, crumbs in the kitchen, sand in the hallway if something crumbled, will not be the same for this to get a bulky vacuum cleaner, stick it in the outlet, drag along to the point of harvesting and then it all in reverse order. Ordered it on Aliexpress Tmall in the section herebelow I will tell about the correct order, so don’t rush!

The contents

  • Ease of use
  • Battery and charging
  • The quality and strength
  • Opinion
  • Where to buy
  • Video
  • Ease of use

    Wireless Puppyoo very compact, always on hand. Very light and easy to manage. He’s only got one button. If pressed once the device turns on at half of its capacity at double — full. The third press turns off the vacuum cleaner. The button is located directly under the index finger when you take the cleaner in hand.

    A huge advantage is that the vacuum cleaner model WP536 — wireless. You can quickly take him home and collect the debris, even cobwebs on the ceiling to collect and not to worry, that is not enough hose length.

    Don’t think about the sockets and the length of the wire, do not need multiple sockets or extensions, etc. you Can even vacuum the car and to save on the purchase of motor vacuum cleaner. It is also convenient to take with you to the country, space in the car is very small.

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    Battery and charging

    In the housing is inserted a removable battery. By the way, my friend has this kind of battery was broken by a strong blow. Some days it was fixed in some service that is serviceable.

    The kit includes a charger, a socket for a plug in the side of the cleaner. Near the nest the charge indicator in the form of a bulb. The charge lasts for long hours is not measured, but use every day and sometimes several times, and charge times in a week. Three hours fully charged. In the case above is the number of the remaining to the vacuum cleaner charge. The indicator in the form of three light bulbs.

    The quality and strength

    Strong enough body, and of all that is inside. The child often tilts it on its side from a standing position, but so far nothing has cracked, not broken.
    The kit includes extension tube, which is inserted into the cleaner housing to one side and the other side mounted nozzles. Only three attachments: a small brush, a large rotating brush and crevice. Mounts all these elements are very convenient, simple and durable, nothing comes.


    Vacuum cleaner about six months. Among the shortcomings can be noted only a small capacity. I use only the crevice tool, since at low power it is the most effective. For power and processing of carpets, it is better to use the same network of the machine. For example, Scarlett and cyclone filter.

    To increase the suction power is removed long hose and insert the nozzle directly into the body, it is also provided.

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    Where to buy

    Delivered to Saratov for 3 days. The courier brought home, in advance agreeing about a convenient time for me, as I took on Tmall here. You can also order on Aliexpress directly from China official representative of the manufacturer Puppyoo, here is his page on Ali, can go cheaper but then you will need to wait a little longer. Bought for 97$.


    Video is not mine, just found on YouTube: