Cool automatic liquid soap dispenser Smart

On 11 November, the day of global sales in the Chinese marketplace Aliexpress, you can find a lot of useful goods for the whole family at competitive prices.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. In the work
  3. Appearance and color

Where to buy

One of my purchases was the automatic liquid soap dispenser Smart. This is needed in the economy thing I’ve always wanted to get, and then a good price, a total of 7.71$. Now the dispenser is 11,18$, after all the savings. With reference to the dispenser to share with you here.

Shipping to Irkutsk took 20 days. The seller need to communicate was not, as the parcel is tracked throughout time. The dispenser was sealed in a postal bag and a box. Box came very wrinkled, I was worried that the automatic dispenser is not affected. Fortunately, all whole and healthy. In the box was a user manual in English.

In the work

In the operation of the automatic liquid soap dispenser Smart I liked it. Down to be a compartment for four micropolitical batteries and the power button.

There are also two audio modes: just vibration and audible alarm with vibration. But as for me the sound is very jarring, to me the vibration is more like it. The dispenser can pour 400 ml of liquid soap through the hole, the cover is unscrewed at the top.

When bringing the hands audible vibration, light and metered issued soap. The longer holding hands, the more soap will get. The sensor is working properly.

Appearance and color

On the exterior dispenser is very attractive and will fit into any interior. Perhaps the plastic and not the best quality, but for the money great.

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Clinic front black with metal inserts, and the rear transparent container for soap.

I have soap white, so it’s a little much, but if you use, for example, pink soap, and the capacity will acquire a pink hue. Downstairs has small feet that protect the battery compartment from moisture. But still, to me, to pour under the dispenser water is not necessary.

Automatic liquid soap dispenser Smart can confidently recommend to purchase. This is one of my best purchases on Aliexpress! Once again, the order made on this page — from this seller the most positive feedback. Fans of all comfortable and modern, I can still recommend the Xiaomi hygrothermograph and a good ultrasonic humidifier Alanchi.