Converse sneakers — a review of sneakers, bought in the official online store of converse

Not the first time I buy shoes and clothes in China. Once comparing prices in our stores with prices Aliexpress understand that you overpaid just so, so unwittingly become a buyer of things from China.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Dimensions
  3. Quality

Especially when it comes to expensive brands. Because we all want to respect and admiring glances of passers-by on the street. But for a specific product, unfortunately, not often enough. Here comes to help Ali with his official representative offices of the different brands.

Converse favorite shoes teenagers. Unique design, ease and convenience — everything you need for people who lead an active lifestyle or simply for those who want to look fashionable in a casual manner.

Where to buy

The sneakers I ordered for my young husband. They cost me 35$, at the time of sale. To Omsk is reached in 35 days (Oh, those Christmas holidays). In the store bought converse on Ali here. Great price, considering that in our stores, the average price of 4-5 thousand rubles (65-80$). Well, this is understandable, formal shops pay taxes, customs, shipping, advertising, staff salaries, plus they themselves need to make a profit. But I better save and buy it directly!


To guess size is very simple. In item description there is a table in which all the details specified. The measurement of the foot, 26.5 cm have size 8 USA 41.5 and by European standards. That’s what I ordered. Sneakers sat on the foot like a glove.

I chose shoes completely in black, but the seller available in five colors.

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They came carefully in the original box. The very shoes were wrapped in a cloth package, the inside filled with paper to maintain shape.


The material from which made shoes — rag. Still, it’s summer footwear. The quality of cloth is good. On the tongue of the threads do not stick out. On the back of the tongue is sewn brand label.

The sole is rubber. But the foot does not sweat, as on the side of the sneakers have two vent holes. Rear rubberized brand logo of Converse.

On foot, they recorded the laces are quite long. But very good quality.

Of the disadvantages can be called only by sticking something where the little strings that without any problem I removed the scissors.

Minus the second — the glue on the sole, which is slightly visible. But if it does not bother you ( after all, on a sole no one is watching), the downside is you can not count. And he quickly erased on the surface, which went on husband.

Overall, excellent original sneakers brand converse, I recommend to buy only from approved official seller. It works on Aliexpress for more than 5 years and has a huge amount of positive feedback. Again, his store is here.